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How to spell RIGHS correctly?

The word "righs" is likely a misspelling of the word "rights". To correct it, one could suggest typing out the correct word "rights" or using a spellcheck feature to catch and correct the error. Additionally, one could suggest consulting a dictionary for unfamiliar words to ensure accurate spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell righs correctly

  • highs The stock market experienced record highs earlier this week.
  • rags When the donations of clothes arrived at the shelter, most of the items were just rags.
  • reigns The queen reigns with grace and power over her kingdom.
  • ribs I ordered a plate of ribs at the barbecue restaurant.
  • riches I have riches beyond your dreams.
  • ridges The ridges of the mountains were sharp and steep.
  • rids She rids her closet of clothes she hasn't worn in years.
  • rig Sailing can be done in harmony with the wind, waves, and compass using a rig.
  • right This is the right jacket for you.
  • Rights Every human being has the right to basic human rights.
  • rigors The rigors of the winter season were daunting.
  • RIGS The robots are out to rigs tonight.
  • rims My car's rims have some scratches on them.
  • rings
  • RIOS
  • rips She rips open the package to see what's inside.
  • roughs The artist created several roughs before settling on a final drawing.
  • rugs I need some rugs for the living room.
  • sigh She let out a deep sigh, knowing that she would have to start over from scratch.
  • sighs She sighs deeply every time she thinks of her lost love.
  • wrights The wrights were busy constructing a wooden boat in their workshop.

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