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How to spell RIGTS correctly?

The correct spelling for "rigts" is "rights". To avoid this misspelling, one can remember to include the letter "h" after the letter "g". Proofreading, using spell-check tools, and practicing correct spelling are helpful suggestions to prevent such errors.

List of suggestions on how to spell rigts correctly

  • GITS
  • grits I love to eat grits with butter and hot sauce for breakfast.
  • kits I bought three kits for building a birdhouse.
  • rags She could only afford to cloth her children in rags.
  • Rats One of my pet rats died awhile ago.
  • ridges The mountainous terrain was characterized by steep ridges that presented a significant challenge for hikers.
  • rids He rids his garden of weeds every week.
  • rifts The political climate in the country has caused deep rifts between friends and family members.
  • Rights Your rights protect you from wrong doing
  • rigors So intense were the rigors of the pursuit that the men became maddened with the lack of food or water.
  • RIGS The oil company is planning to add more rigs to their fleet in order to increase production.
  • Riots The city was in chaos as riots broke out following the controversial verdict.
  • rites I will carry out your rites of passage next weekend.
  • ritz I feel uncomfortable at the Ritz, it's too fancy for me.
  • rots
  • rugs I bought three new rugs for my living room to match my new couch.
  • ruts I need to get out of the ruts of my daily routine and try new things.
  • wrights The wrights were highly skilled craftsmen who specialized in carpentry and woodworking.
  • writs The judge issued two writs of habeas corpus to release the innocent prisoners.

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