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How to spell ROTTON correctly?

The correct spelling of "rotton" is actually "rotten". Some possible correct suggestions for this misspelling include "rotin", "rotan" or "rottin". However, it's always best to consult a dictionary or use spell-check to ensure the correct spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell rotton correctly

  • button I pressed the button to turn on the lights.
  • cotton My new bed sheets are made of soft, breathable cotton material.
  • cottony The cottony clouds in the sky looked like they were painted with watercolors.
  • crouton
  • Gotten
  • Horton The Horton house is a famous home in Detroit.
  • hutton
  • Litton
  • morton
  • mouton
  • mutton I cooked a delicious stew with tender chunks of mutton and flavorful spices.
  • Norton
  • Patton General George S. Patton led American troops in the Allied invasion of Normandy in 1944.
  • proton The proton is one of the elementary particles that make up atoms.
  • ration I am going to ration my food because I'm on a tight budget.
  • rattan I'm going to break out the rattan furniture for this backyard picnic.
  • rotation
  • rotor he flew his helicopter using the rotor blades
  • rotted The apple had rotted and was no longer edible.
  • rotten
  • rotter The rotter in the room made me very uncomfortable
  • rotting The fruits in the basket were rotting and emitting a foul smell.
  • Sutton The village of Sutton is in the county of Berkshire.

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