Correct spelling for SAHOW

We think the word sahow is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for sahow

  • dhow Jerry Bird, though watching the chase, could not help now and then taking a look at the countenance of the old chief,-Mustapha Longchops, the sailors called him,-but whether he wished the dhow to escape or not, it was difficult to say.
  • haw There is another high bluff, not many miles from the cedar post of poor Floyd, that is well known as the burial-place of Blackbird, a famous chief of the O-ma-haw tribe; the manner of his burial was extremely strange.
  • hew I have always desired to "hew out some lump of the earth," and to make men and women walk upon it just as they do walk here among us,-with not more of excellence, nor with exaggerated baseness,-so that my readers might recognise human beings like to themselves, and not feel themselves to be carried away among gods or demons.
  • how How tiresome for you.
  • nohow "He wouldn't lie still nohow, miss," explained his wife, "till I went and fetched un in a pipe and one o' thaay plants from the greenhouse."
  • sa Dans un bois passait un jeune homme, Un jeune homme frais et beau, Sa main tenait une pomme, Vous voyez d'ici le tableau.
  • sadhu Mouni Sadhu spent several months at the Ashram in 1949.
  • sago RECEIPT 20. -Sago pudding: Take half a pint of sago and a quart of milk.
  • sahib From where else, sahib?
  • sallow The Bishop's Vicar fidgeted in his chair, his face a shade more sallow, his cheeks hanging a trifle more loosely, than ordinary.
  • samoa Miss Stubbs met on the other side of the island a photographer who told her this: I had but recently come to Samoa, he said, and was standing one day in my shop when Mr Stevenson came in and spoke.
  • sappho Sappho could not speak a word even of thanks; she blushed deeply, and stood smiling and ashamed, with downcast eyes.
  • sash She met their glances and turned to give a loving pat to her sash.
  • savor Yes, yes, answered Mrs. Savor, blindly groping to share in whatever cheat had been practised on the child, just as soon as the cars starts.
  • savoy She would have enjoyed the Savoy.
  • saw My bonne held me up and I saw heads fall into the basket-heads as young and as lofly as the young Mees there!
  • say I can't say why this was the "last straw," but it was.
  • scow Several times during the five years after leaving Lem's scow she walked to Tarrytown, returning only when she had seen the little boy, to take up her squatter life in her father's hut.
  • sew She cut out clothes for the people and taught the women how to sew.
  • show The management must supply continually one or more teachers to show each new man the new and simpler motions, and the slower men must be constantly watched and helped until they have risen to their proper speed.
  • slaw Frozen Brains Tell No Tales" uses the same recording of Bootsy Collins singing "Buckethead's a psycho, hes a total psycho" that is used in "Want Some Slaw?
  • slow "Here boys, go slow.
  • snow Unless," he added, "you had to tunnel under a hundred feet of snow to get at it.
  • so Do you still think so?
  • soho A restaurant of a different class altogether-not at all comme il faut; a little place for the multitude-Giatron's, in Soho.
  • somehow I can't, somehow, blame him.
  • sou That sou was wasted.
  • sow She laughed again as she thought of the sow story, and the way the women took it.
  • sown There is a time coming when no one will need to work himself to death for others, and when every one will reap what he himself has sown.
  • soy " Soy, Mister, wot the deuce do you think you're doing?" shouted a husky and protesting voice in his ear.
  • ssw Based on the SSW concept car first exhibited at the 23rd Tokyo Motor Show in 1979, the MPV derives its nameplate from chariots used of the ancient Greek and Roman Empires.
  • stow You have made a bon prize to-day, and your share shall be the trunk; so you may keep it, and the things that are stowed away in it, for your trouble; but don't forget to secure the casks till we can stow them away below.
  • sw burde, O. Dan. boerae, Sw. boera.
  • yahoo
  • Ahoy "No, sir," answered the old whaler, after shouting a loud " Ahoy!"
  • Tahoe He probably had attracted the girls who had been at Tahoe Inn as he did her. Her lips, though she did not know it, were taking on the customary scornful lines, when Jenny stood up.
  • Sahel Alternately named the Sahel garden bulbul.
  • saws What do you think the first saws were?
  • HOS Dicimus autem Hos quoque felices, qui ferre incommoda vitae, Nec jactare jugum, vita didicere magistra.
  • SOWS 27. How the lily sows its seeds.
  • uncondense

22 words made from the letters sahow

3 letter words made from sahow:

sow, oas, ash, saw, how, soh, hao, who, haw, sha.

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