What is the correct spelling for SAINCE?

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Correct spelling for SAINCE

We think the word saince is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for saince

  • dance Then come, let us dance!
  • faience Many attempts had been made to imitate the beautiful and costly vases of China; but no one succeeded until the potters of Italy found out how to make faience.
  • fiance "When we go to Paris, would you like to make a little present to your fiance?"
  • lance "Yes," echoed Lance, "nearly one!"
  • mince Two roasted goats, a barrel of cakes and nine mince pies will do me until dinnertime."
  • saint Saint Pierre had rushed to the sea-at the last.
  • salience Pavlovian-instrumental transfer is a phenomenon that occurs when a conditioned stimulus (CS, also known as a "cue") that has been associated with rewarding or aversive stimuli via classical conditioning alters motivational salience and operant behavior.
  • sane And that had proved entirely erroneous, though at the time it had appeared the most sane of conclusions.
  • sapience Yours is the sapience of the serpent!
  • sauce Lord Mackrell was asked for 'more capers and not so much sauce.
  • science Modern science has sufficiently dealt with them; and if any one bring out against the Monkey the obscurantist insult that His Hide is Covered with Hair, we can at once point to innumerable human beings, fully recognized and endowed with civic rights, who, were they carefully examined, would prove in no better case.
  • sconce At last Fips hit the West Indian such a blow across his sconce, that the other grew furious; he seized a champagne-bottle, which was, providentially, empty, and hurled it across the room at Fips; had that celebrated barrister not bowed his head at the moment, the Queen's Bench would have lost one of its most eloquent practitioners.
  • seance It was natural, then, to infer that she was wearing them when she came down to the seance.
  • seine You don't speak to me of the floods, therefore I think that the Seine did not commit any follies at your place and that the tulip tree did not get its roots wet.
  • sense In a truer sense he owed it to his own native ability, which George Craig was shrewd enough to discover in the uncouth and ignorant boy, and wise enough to give its opportunity.
  • sine Have you got any sine qua non?
  • singe I tried to work with mittens on; I tried to work with them off. As soon as my bare fingers would touch the cold metal of the tins, they would freeze, and if I attempted to use the mittens they would singe and burn, and it was impossible to hold the solder with my bearskin gloves on. But keeping everlastingly at it brings success, and with the help of the boys the work was slowly but surely done.
  • sinus Leaves thick; upper surface light green, dull, smooth; lower surface pale green, pubescent, flocculent; lobes lacking; terminus acute; petiolar sinus deep, narrow; lateral sinus very shallow; teeth shallow, wide.
  • slice But they are content with cutting a slice each out of my character: neither of them is more than an uncle, a Bone-a-part; I now come to a dreadful nephew, Bone-the-whole.
  • spice Pound the spice, allowing twice as much cinnamon as mace.
  • stance When this is the kind of thing that is happening, I advise the golfer to try variations in his stance for putting, effecting the least possible amount of change at a time.
  • wince Ay, you wince, madame!
  • Sans Only energy and determination will aid us at Sans-Souci.
  • Since "He's been back in his room since five o'clock.
  • Spence But there was a grimness about the very good nature, decided Spence.
  • Vance "Why that name," muttered Vance, "I never could understand."
  • Janice Janice naturally answered the last question first, for her heart was full of her father and her separation from him.
  • Vince Cal Wyatt, the son of the hotel man, came over to the tannery and requested Alfred, John Caldman, Vince Carpenter and several others to go over during the noon hour to the cellar and give them a hand in stacking up sundry barrels and kegs.
  • Saints Is he not among your saints?
  • SINEs First, upon the side that the Circle of Numbers is one, are graduated on the edge of the moveable, and also on the edge of the fixed the Logarithmall Sines, for if you bring 1. in the moveable amongst the Numbers to 1. in the fixed, you may on the other edge of the moveable and fixed see the sines noted thus 90. 90. 80. 80. 70. 70. 60. 60. &c. unto 6.6. and each degree subdivided, and then over the former divisions and figures 90. 90. 80. 80. 70. 70. &c. you have the other degrees, viz. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. each of those divided by small points.
  • singes It is weak and dishonorable to hover around a pretty face like a poor moth that singes its wings.
  • sins Please forgive Betsey Ann's sins.
  • sings As she sings, she springs toward the baby and down goes the little head.
  • seines In these latter days, however, seines, as before stated, have taken the place of line, and lee-bowing, with its attendant excitement and danger, has passed to the limbo of forgotten things.
  • algebras They were then variously called quasi-boolean algebras in the Polish school, e.

67 words made from the letters saince

3 letter words made from saince:

sin, can, ies, sec, sen, ain, ans, cns, nec, nsc, ace, cis, aec, ane, sic, ani, sac, cia, ice, sea.

5 letter words made from saince:

casei, aisen, nesci, anesi, ciena, acies, anies, senai, sance, ances, anise, aisne, canis, cines, saine, ansec, incas, necas, incae, senia, isnae, scien, cinae, cisne, sanei.

4 letter words made from saince:

6 letter words made from saince:

senica, eniacs, casein.

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