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How to spell SCRAY correctly?

If you meant to say "scary", try correcting the spelling. Other possible suggestions could be "gray", "spray" or "screenplay" depending on the context of the misspelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell scray correctly

  • craw
  • Cray
  • cry I heard my baby cry in the middle of the night.
  • gray The sky was dark gray and threatened rain.
  • sacra " Sacra" is the plural form of "sacrum," which is a triangular bone located at the base of the spine.
  • Sara
  • scaly The dragon's scaly skin reflected the sunlight as it flew through the sky.
  • scar He had a large scar on his forehead from when he fell off his bike as a kid.
  • scarab The ancient Egyptians believed that the scarab beetle symbolized rebirth and immortality.
  • scary The horror movie was so scary that I had to watch a comedy to calm myself down.
  • scrag The abandoned lot was overgrown with scrag bushes.
  • scraggy The cat was scraggy and thin, with patchy fur and visible ribs.
  • scram I need to scram out of this room before anyone sees me.
  • scrap I might as well scrap the project now because I don't have enough time to finish it.
  • scrape He used a fork to scrape the last bits of food from his plate.
  • scrappy Despite his small size, the scrappy boxer never backed down from a fight.
  • scrawl The child used a marker to scrawl his name on the wall.
  • scrawny I'm not sure why my scrawny body attracts so many jokes, but I can't help it.
  • scream I could hear my little sister's scream from across the room.
  • scree The scree on the mountain made it difficult to hike up.
  • screw I'm going to have to screw up my courage and ask her out.
  • screwy The instructions were so screwy that I had to read them several times to understand.
  • scurry Scurry away from the fox before she sees you.
  • spray I had to use a spray to clean the mould off my wall.
  • stray

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