Correct spelling for SENTOR

We think the word sentor is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for sentor

  • cent His charge is usually ten per cent on the returns.
  • center Fixed firmly in the center of the Anting-Anting was a silver bullet.
  • mentor It was this lady's lofty ambition to be Mentor and mistress, both together!
  • nestor He was the Nestor of the Club and was exceedingly loved by his companions.
  • scent Once fairly on the scent, Messrs.
  • sector With a drag fully as heavy as any two locomotives had been able to get over the same sector, the new locomotive alone marked a forty-five mile an hour pace.
  • senate After such consideration bills are reported back to the House or Senate.
  • senator "That's right, Senator; but there's nothing to be afraid of.
  • send Don't send me away.
  • sender We thought for a moment, then called back the sender, and said, "Sir, we have forgotten our code."
  • senior "Quite right," said his senior, whose urbanity was meant to be crushing.
  • senor In 1867 Senor Arrillaga went to Paris, where he studied at the conservatory and also took private lessons.
  • senora
  • sensor
  • sent
  • sentry
  • seton
  • snort
  • senators
  • senors
  • snot

113 words made from the letters sentor

5 letter words made from sentor:

onset, nerts, oners, treos, stone, tenso, orent, ensor, stern, tenos, resto, tenor, rones, soner, oster, ronts, oestr, roten, tones, torne, trons, ronse, snort, neots, rotes, orens, toser, toner, terns, orten, stoen, stroe, stoer, ernst, orest, store, rents, neros, ronte, etons, senor, serot, snore, norse, treno, renos, treon, retno, notes, seton.

3 letter words made from sentor:

res, roe, eon, son, neo, est, one, ret, esr, rot, ern, ent, ore, ron, ten, ton, net, sot, sen, set, toe, eos, not, tor, ter, ert.

4 letter words made from sentor:

torn, erst, tsen, toer, reno, sort, ento, nest, note, eons, orne, osen, teso, tero, tore, sent, roen, tons, snot, eros, nero, nets, sone, rots, rest, treo, tern, rote, rose, noer, rent, oser, orte, seor, tone, nose, sore.

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