Correct spelling for SEVEARLY

We think the word sevearly is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for sevearly

  • sever I confess I was not pleased with this regulation, because it appeared to sever the affections of the living from their proper sympathy with the dead.
  • several He took a deep breath, feeling as if it were the first he'd had in several days.
  • severally They then separated; Philip took the road to Genoa, Richard that to Marseilles, with a view of meeting their fleets, which were severally appointed to rendezvous in these harbours.
  • severely "You should not jest with holy things," answered the baron severely, and all were silent.
  • suavely "I thought I would give thee ample rest," he said suavely.
  • Beverly I hope you don't mind my sayin', Miss Em'ly, that Mr. Beverly is about as po' a farmer as he is a first rate gentleman.
  • non-alcoholic With them should be associated one thousand easy-going, second-class villains, whose names are not requisite to my argument, but who from one year to another are obliged by the exigencies of business or enterprise to ask for licenses from the non-alcoholic, genial comedians, for permission to build a stable, to erect a bay-window, to peddle goods in the streets, to maintain a coal-hole, to drain into a sewer, to lay wires underground; in short, to do one or another of the many every-day things which can be done only by permission of the City Government.

367 words made from the letters sevearly

4 letter words made from sevearly:

lavy, elya, lyra, arse, vyse, ervy, elea, eely, seay, vays, reye, ayre, alee, eyra, eral, slay, earl, eery, evry, vela, rely, lees, ryas, eyes, rase, avey, year, slav, save, sele, reys, ryve, slye, real, laye, vary, else, lave, evel, ayer, reay, veal, revy, seal, eley, svar, erse, ealy, vyas, aryl, yrsa, seer, seya, esla, arey, yale, lrvs, yser, sear, rayl, ryes, aves, vase, aver, ryle, sale, leys, esye, easy, erya, lery, ever, veel, svay, ease, reel, sere, laev, lyre, rale, sree, yeas, eyas, layr, lear, vale, levy, very, vyel, veer, seel, rave, ares, eeas, lays, yele, leer, aery.

3 letter words made from sevearly:

vas, asl, yes, see, lay, rya, ale, ear, esr, als, eve, eye, sea, say, var, lye, ler, sly, ray, are, ayr, eel, res, lvy, lee, yea, rye, ley, lev, era, lea, lav, evl, ras, sle, ese, rev.

5 letter words made from sevearly:

arvey, layer, lyras, vesre, evers, seaer, aseel, eyras, selye, reals, arsey, leers, saree, avels, leare, easle, arvee, aryls, ayele, elver, elvey, lever, salvy, esler, yaser, seral, erase, velay, slave, laves, savey, eyler, sayel, leyva, veres, veras, seery, alves, raese, seeya, leear, erevs, ealey, lyres, lease, esrey, selya, varys, sylve, leary, reasy, resay, verel, easer, revel, veals, sleev, ayler, alver, ryles, seare, lyase, leyes, syler, ravel, aryee, laers, avers, laver, veery, ryves, sealy, serva, alere, slyer, seley, selar, elves, yvars, eaves, vasey, sayle, savel, vealy, serve, saver, sevel, velas, serle, leery, syver, vasyl, esera, rayes, lyrae, veyle, relev, vesey, ayles, sevey, alery, leser, reave, laser, elvas, yeves, avere, eyres, realy, aleve, veers, searl, leres, leves, reale, sarel, leave, levys, years, sylva, selva, sever, early, seale, valse, vesel, relay, saler, verey, eales, salve, valer, yales, veale, asvel, areel, elsey, alers, every, leray, sylar, aysel, alvey, eyers, vares, rasey, aleye, ryals, verse, vesle, vales, veley, lavey, levay, easel, rayle, elers, velar.

6 letter words made from sevearly:

slayee, resale, esarey, leavey, elvers, relays, varley, severa, leears, reveal, savery, leaver, lavery, yesler, serely, sealer, levare, slaver, selver, vereya, elseya, earles, velars, varese, relvas, easler, vesela, aleyes, revels, vesely, larees, veysel, salvee, averse, resave, rayles, lavers, seavey, slavey, selvey, avrely, valere, veales, levers, reales, reavey, veasey, sayler, serval, verley, reaves, reseal, aveley, vealer, seyval, salver, salyer, aveyre, leares, slayer, asylee, seaver, relyea, ravels, layers.

7 letter words made from sevearly:

laveers, arlesey, veasley, vealers, severly, several, slavery, reveals, leavers.

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