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How to spell SFTER correctly?

The correct spelling for "sfter" could be "after". It is possible that the person who misspelled it simply made a mistake while typing. To avoid such mistakes in the future, one should double-check their spelling and use tools like spell-check to correct any errors.

List of suggestions on how to spell sfter correctly

  • after
  • defter
  • lifter The lifter was able to easily pick up the heavy boxes and move them to the truck.
  • rafter The carpenters set up the rafter with precision to ensure the stability of the roof structure.
  • SAFER Wearing a helmet while riding a bike is a way to be safer.
  • salter This is the salter who worked on the coats for the coronation.
  • sate I ate an enormous steak which sate my hunger for the entire day.
  • sated After eating a full meal, he felt sated and comfortable.
  • saver Using coupons and buying items in bulk can be a real money saver.
  • seder It's customary to eat matzah during the seder to symbolize the Jews' hasty departure from Egypt.
  • setter He trained his new dog to be a good setter for hunting quail.
  • sever The surgeon had to sever the patient's leg to prevent the infection from spreading.
  • Sifted She sifted through the pile of papers on her desk, looking for the important document.
  • sifter Some people use a sifter to remove lint or small particles from clothes.
  • sifters The bakers passed the flour through the sifters to remove any lumps before mixing it into the dough.
  • sister I have one sister and two brothers.
  • sitar The sitar is a stringed instrument commonly used in classical Indian music.
  • site I need to find a good site for camping.
  • Sited
  • sitter
  • skater The skater performed a flawless triple axel, wowing the judges and the crowd.
  • slater I have never heard of a person named Slater, but it could be a last name or a nickname.
  • snifter She offered me a snifter of brandy, but I declined.
  • soften She wanted to soften the landing with a few well-chosen words.
  • softer I need a softer blanket to sleep on.
  • sorter I need to hire a sorter to help me organize all of these books.
  • star The star had outshone all the other lights on the Christmas tree.
  • stater The ancient Greek currency was the stater.
  • STE
  • steer
  • stet The editor looked closely at the marked text and decided to stet the changes.
  • stew I'm cooking a delicious beef stew for dinner tonight.
  • stir I asked my sister to stir the soup while I cut the vegetables.
  • suffer
  • Sumter Jimmy gestured toward the Sumter plantation, visible on the horizon.
  • Swifter The swifter I run, the closer I get to the finish line.

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