How to Pronounce sorter?

Correct pronunciation for the word "sorter" is [sˈɔːtə], [sˈɔːtə], [s_ˈɔː_t_ə].

"Sorter" in context

A sorter is a tool used for separating and organizing items. It can be used for a variety of tasks, such as sorting and separating items into different categories or sizes. A sorter can also be used for sorting mail, coins, bills, medications, and other small items. Sorters come in all shapes and sizes, from large and bulky industrial models to smaller and portable versions.

Different sorter features can be used to improve throughput, reduce operating costs and enhance accuracy. For example, a conveyor belt sorter can provide a continuous and automated sorting process that's suitable for a wide range of industries.

What are similar-sounding words for sorter?


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