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How to spell SOURTED correctly?

If you're looking for correct suggestions for the misspelling "sourted", here are a few possibilities: "sorted", "sported", "southern" or "sourced". These words match the same sounds while offering more appropriate alternatives. Double-checking spellings is essential to ensure accurate communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell sourted correctly

  • Courted He courted her with flowers and gifts to win her heart.
  • jousted The knights clad in bright armor jousted as they rode across the field.
  • Ousted The controversial CEO was ousted from the company after a series of scandals.
  • outed After weeks of keeping her secret, the girl finally outed herself to her co-workers.
  • Ported The game was originally developed for Xbox, but it was later ported to PC.
  • Pouted After the argument, Sarah pouted and refused to speak to him for the rest of the day.
  • rousted
  • routed The delivery truck was routed through a shortcut to avoid traffic.
  • Scouted The talent agency scouted the city for the next big star.
  • shorted The circuit shorted and caused the power outage.
  • shouted I shouted at the top of my lungs for someone to help me.
  • Skirted She skirted around the edge of the room, trying to avoid the crowd.
  • Smarted
  • Snorted I sneezed and snorted, which was really embarrassing.
  • Soared The sun soared in the sky as the birds soared in the ether.
  • sorted I have sorted all the laundry into piles.
  • sorter The sorter quickly separated the different types of fruit into their respective bins.
  • sounded The explosion sounded like thunder in the distance.
  • sourced I sourced the information for my research project from various scholarly articles and books.
  • soured The milk has soured, you shouldn't drink it.
  • soused After a long night of drinking, he was completely soused and couldn't even walk straight.
  • Sported She sported a new outfit to the party.
  • Spouted The spouted fountain was impressive.
  • Spurted The water spurted out of the fountain, surprising the children playing nearby.
  • Squirted The child squirted ketchup all over their plate.
  • started I started my work early in the morning.
  • suited I think this outfit is much better suited for a formal event than the one you wore last time.
  • surfed I surfed the internet for hours trying to find the answer.
  • Surged The number of COVID-19 cases surged after the holiday weekend.
  • Touted The new product was touted as the best on the market, but it failed to live up to expectations.

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