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How to spell SHOLLD correctly?

When confronted with the misspelling "sholld", there are a few possible correct suggestions. The word "should" likely fits the intended context. So, the correction could be as simple as replacing "sholld" with "should". Double-checking spellings before finalizing written content can help in avoiding such errors.

List of suggestions on how to spell sholld correctly

  • hold I will hold onto this book until I finish reading it.
  • holed The old building was so decrepit that it had several holed walls.
  • shall
  • shell The hermit crab emerges from its shell to scuttle across the beach.
  • shelled The chef carefully shelled the fresh peas before cooking them.
  • Shelly
  • shield The knight lifted his shield to protect himself from the enemy's attack.
  • shill The shill is trying to discredit me.
  • shoal The shoal of fishes was jumping out of the water.
  • Shoaled The shoes are shoaled.
  • shod The horse's hooves were shod with new shoes before the race.
  • shooed The cat jumped on the kitchen counter, but I shooed her away before she could knock anything over.
  • should You should brush your teeth twice a day to maintain good dental hygiene.
  • sold It feels nice to be sold.
  • soled I want to buy a new pair of shoes; they're my favorite color, soled.
  • solid The table was made of a solid piece of oak.

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