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How to spell SHOUGH correctly?

The misspelling "shough" could possibly be corrected to "chough", which is a type of bird with a red beak and legs found in certain parts of Europe. It could also be corrected to "slough", which is a marshy area or a verb meaning to shed or discard.

List of suggestions on how to spell shough correctly

  • bough The bird perched on a bough and sang a sweet melody.
  • dough I need to buy some flour and yeast to make dough for homemade pizza.
  • Hugh I met a man named Hugh at the party last night.
  • lough The lough was serene and peaceful as the sun began to rise over the water.
  • shout
  • shush I tried to shush him, but he kept talking loudly.
  • slough The hiker had to carefully navigate the muddy slough in order to continue on the trail.
  • sough
  • though I though I saw a ghost when I saw you walking through the door.

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