How to spell SITER correctly?

If you've misspelled "siter", don't fret! Here are a few possible correct solutions: 1) Sister - if you were referring to a female sibling. 2) Sitter - in case you meant a person who looks after or takes care of someone. Remember to proofread to avoid misspellings!

List of suggestions on how to spell siter correctly

  • biter The dog was known to be a biter, so the owner always kept him on a leash in public.
  • cider My favorite fall tradition is sipping hot cider while sitting by the fireplace.
  • cite I will cite my sources to avoid any accusations of plagiarism.
  • liter
  • miter The carpenter used a miter saw to make precise 45-degree cuts in the wood.
  • niter The cave walls were covered in eerie-looking niter.
  • sate
  • seder I will be serving up a seder feast tonight.
  • setter The Irish Setter is a popular breed of hunting dog known for their speed and endurance.
  • side
  • sifter I need to find my sifter because I want to bake a cake.
  • sister My sister and I went to the park together.
  • sit I need to sit down before I pass out.
  • sitar Ravi Shankar's mastery of the sitar is renowned worldwide.
  • site
  • Sited The statue was sited in honor of the town's first mayor.
  • sites I'm looking for sites about learning a new language.
  • sitter She always hires a sitter to watch her three kids while she works.
  • Sizer I measured my clothes with a sizer before packing for my trip.
  • sorter The sorter at the airport efficiently divided the passengers into different queues based on their flight destinations.
  • star
  • STE I spotted the thief in the crowd, it was that Ste down the alley.
  • steer I need to steer clear of that animal.
  • stew I made a hearty beef stew for dinner last night.
  • stir She used a wooden spoon to stir the ingredients together in the bowl.
  • suite I book a suite for my hotel stay.
  • suitor

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