How to spell SKARE correctly?

If you meant to spell "scare", possible corrections could include: scare, scarce, scar, score, square. If you meant to spell "share", possible corrections could include: share, sharp, shire, shirt, shear. The correct spelling will depend on the context in which the word is being used.

List of suggestions on how to spell skare correctly

  • care
  • Kara Kara decided to take a break from her routine and go on a hiking trip.
  • Kari Kari is a popular name in Scandinavia.
  • KARO
  • sabre The cavalry soldier drew his sabre and charged into battle.
  • sage My wise grandfather is a sage in our family.
  • sake I drank alcohol for the sake of having fun, but it ended up making me sick.
  • Sara
  • Sarge Sarge ordered his troops to move to higher ground.
  • sari She wrapped herself in a beautiful sari for the wedding ceremony.
  • scale The scale of the map did not accurately reflect the size of the mountain range.
  • scar The scar on her cheek was a reminder of a childhood accident.
  • scarce Due to the drought, water has become scarce in the region.
  • scare The sudden loud noise made me jump and scare my puppy.
  • scared
  • scares
  • scarf She wrapped the soft scarf around her neck to keep warm in the cold winter air.
  • scarp The scarp of the cliff looked treacherous to climb.
  • Scars The scars on her face were a constant reminder of the accident.
  • scary
  • score The students were thrilled when they got a perfect score on their final exam.
  • sere The sere landscape was a desolate and dry expanse.
  • share
  • sire The sire of that horse is a well-known stallion.
  • SKA SKA is a music genre that originated in Jamaica in the 1950s.
  • skate I love to skate on the weekends with my friends.
  • skater
  • skirt She grabbed a gray skirt from the laundry basket.
  • skive He decided to skive off work and spend the day at the beach.
  • Skye My best friend is named Skye.
  • Skype I use Skype to call my family overseas.
  • snare
  • snore I always wake up to the sound of Snore.
  • sore My arm feels really sore from the fall.
  • spare I need a spare tire for my car in case of a flat.
  • sparer As a sparer, he never wasted anything and always found a way to make things last longer.
  • spire The spire on top of the church tower is a visible landmark.
  • spore The spore of a mushroom can grow into a new fungus.
  • square I need to measure the length and width of this square to find its area.
  • stare
  • starer The starer felt uncomfortable when the person they were staring at caught their eye.
  • starr
  • store
  • sucre Le Sucre is a French film by Jacques Rouffio.
  • sure I'm sure that he's telling the truth.
  • Swore I swore under my breath when the light turned green.

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