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How to spell SLGHT correctly?

Possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "slght" could be slight, sleight or slighted. Double checking the context and using a spell checker can help avoid such errors. Remember that even a slight spelling mistake can change the entire meaning of the sentence.

List of suggestions on how to spell slght correctly

  • alight
  • blight The blight on the apple trees caused them to produce rotten fruit.
  • flight I am planning to book a flight to visit my family next month.
  • light I love the warm light of the setting sun.
  • plight The plight of the refugees is a major concern for the international community.
  • SGT The SGT instructed the troops to prepare for the mission.
  • sight The sight of the ocean at sunset was breathtaking.
  • slant The article had a clear political slant that favored the author's personal beliefs.
  • slat I need to replace the slat in my blinds that broke.
  • sleet The cold, wet sleet fell heavily from the sky, making it difficult to see while driving on the highway.
  • sleight With a quick sleight of hand, the magician made the coin disappear.
  • Slept
  • slight She felt a slight breeze as she walked along the beach.
  • slit He slit through the envelope with his letter opener.
  • slot I need to book a slot for my dental appointment.
  • sought He sought information about the incident.

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