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How to spell SOMOE correctly?

Possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "somoe" would be "some", "someone" or "somewhat". It would depend on the context of the sentence in which the misspelling appeared. Spell check features in many writing programs can help catch errors like this.

List of suggestions on how to spell somoe correctly

  • come I will come to the party if I'm feeling better.
  • Como Como is a beautiful town in Italy with many historic buildings and delicious food.
  • dome Inside the dome was a theater, where they screened old movies.
  • home
  • lome I was wondering if I could borrow your lome.
  • Moe Moe was my high school friend's nickname.
  • nome
  • rome I am traveling to Rome next summer to see the ancient ruins and historical sites.
  • same I wore the same sweater to work yesterday that I'm wearing today.
  • samoa Kai means "war" in Samoa.
  • simon Simon's Petunia is different from all the other petunias.
  • Simone Simone is an accomplished singer and songwriter.
  • sloe She plucked a sloe from the tree and put it in her pocket.
  • smog The air in Los Angeles is heavy with smog from the cars.
  • smoke I could smell the smoke from the backyard barbecue.
  • Smote Flinching, I dodged his swing and retaliated with a quick Smote that connected squarely with his jaw.
  • sodom The town of Sodom is infamous for its extreme sexual violence.
  • soho The SoHo district in New York City is known for its trendy shops.
  • sole I am the sole proprietor of this business.
  • solo She loves to go solo on her mountain bike ride.
  • somber The room was somber after the devastating news.
  • some
  • someone
  • somme during World War I, the Battle of the Somme was fought between British and French forces
  • soon
  • soot The walls of the old, abandoned building were coated in thick layers of soot from years of neglect and disrepair.
  • sore My back is sore from sitting at my desk all day.
  • sumo Sumo wrestling is a traditional Japanese sport that has gained popularity around the world.
  • tome I borrowed my father's old tome from the library.

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