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How to spell SPEEAK correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "speeak" instead of "speak", don't fret! Here are a few correct alternatives: "speak", "spoke", "speaks" or "speaking". Remember to proofread your content thoroughly to catch any similar errors that might impact the clarity and professionalism of your writing.

List of suggestions on how to spell speeak correctly

  • peak The climbers reached the peak of the mountain after a grueling ascent.
  • peek
  • seek I will seek advice from my supervisor regarding this complex problem.
  • sleek The sleek sports car glided smoothly down the highway.
  • sneak
  • speak I always love to speak my mind.
  • speaks
  • spear The warrior hurled his spear at the charging enemy.
  • speck I found a speck of dust on the corner of the table.
  • speech I'm nervous about giving my speech in front of the entire school.
  • speed I need to go at the speed of light to reach my destination in time.
  • speedy I need to get to the airport quickly, so I hope the taxi is speedy.
  • speer John talked about his career in the army, John Speer
  • squeak
  • steak I would love to have a grilled steak for dinner tonight.

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