Correct spelling for STOPE

We think the word stope is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for stope

  • isotope The gas with which it had been impregnated, though it had been heavy enough to adhere to the fabric for hours, had also been volatile enough to have disappeared completely, leaving a residue which was identified as a magnesium isotope.
  • scope For there come within its scope the questions of the essential simplicity of providence, of the order of fate, of unforeseen chance, of the Divine knowledge and predestination, and of the freedom of the will.
  • setup We were repeatedly amazed at the ease with which Marina left the U. S. S. R., which we, who know the setup on the other side, is almost incredible.
  • slope As he moved along the cliffs and down the slope toward a dead tree he stepped now and then into drifts where the snow was gathering swiftly.
  • sop If, however, he was of those who preferred to begin the day with a sop of wine or "a draught of moist and corny ale," then the noted hostelry of the Saracen's Head probably stood even then, and had stood since the time of the Crusades, within a few yards of Aldgate Tower.
  • staple Slatternly women quarrel at the doors, and horse-flesh is a staple article of diet.
  • steep We were obliged to pull ourselves up a steep bank to get there.
  • steeper The path grows steeper.
  • step Skirmishing continued nearly every step of the way.
  • steppe The horsemen dispersed at once, setting off on a gallop, and the steppe became deserted.
  • stepper "Perhaps you'd prefer it being boots? What a stepper she is, too! S'pose we slide after, and see where she hangs out?"
  • stoke It's a long run from Stoke to London, but you can just manage it if you fit your trains with dexterous ingenuity.
  • stole I again cast off the ropes, therefore, and stole quietly away from the spot.
  • stomp Main article: Anthrax discography Fistful of Metal (1984) Spreading the Disease (1985) Among the Living (1987) State of Euphoria (1988) Persistence of Time (1990) Sound of White Noise (1993) Stomp 442 (1995) Volume 8: The Threat Is Real (1998) Weve Come for You All (2003) Worship Music (2011) For All Kings (2016)
  • stone They went away, leaving me well pleased at my refusal, for it was plain that the stone was either false or had a false bottom.
  • stoop Being so very tall, he had to stoop as well as to look down at her pretty face, though Gertie was by no means short for her age.
  • stooped Miles held his aunt's arm tightly within his, and he stooped and looked into her face.
  • stop When Glynne goes you've got to stop with me.
  • stopped Then he stopped, and looked puzzled.
  • stopper Watching our failures, he produced a snuff-box, a small cocoanut-shell, ornamented with little silver and coral knobs, with a narrow ivory mouthpiece, a stopper, and an ivory pin fastened to the cocoanut-shell to stir up the snuff inside-Tetuan snuff-noted for its pungent flavour.
  • stopple Cutting off the end of the stopple even with the bark and filling the lower opening nearly full of clay, he declared the work was done.
  • stops The only circumstance that stops them is if their mothers happen to be temporarily absent.
  • store Now there was nothing left in the store that we could burn!
  • stoup 'Leave the court for ae minute on this great day of judgement? not I, by the Reg-Eh! what? Brandy, did ye say-French brandy?-couldna ye fetch a stoup to the bar under your coat, man? Impossible? Nay, if it's clean impossible, and if we have an hour good till they get through the single bill and the summar-roll, I carena if I cross the close wi' you; I am sure I need something to keep my heart up this awful day; but I'll no stay above an instant-not above a minute of time-nor drink aboon a single gill,'
  • stove "Put it in the stove, quick, quick!
  • stow Before replying she intercepted the hand that was reaching to stow the pipe away, pressed it firmly back, inserted the stem between his close lips.
  • stowe If Aunt Dinah, so well known to us from the pages of "Uncle Tom's Cabin," could have left her receipt for this compound, her fame might have lasted as long as that of Mrs. Stowe.
  • strep
  • stripe
  • strop
  • stupor
  • tape
  • top
  • topee
  • topi
  • type
  • STE At the time of the great council at Sault Ste.
  • stoups Beautiful wrought iron furniture completes the church: two stoups with basins in baccarat, a chandelier, 2 separation grills in the transept, the Ambon, the Tabernacle with its and crystal panels, and a baptistery at the foot of the cross with a wooden Christ.
  • stoops As she stoops to lift it, he rises.
  • un-articulate
  • un-awake

37 words made from the letters stope

3 letter words made from stope:

opt, toe, pes, eos, stp, est, top, pot, sop, sot, sep, ops, pst, set, pet, poe.

4 letter words made from stope:

5 letter words made from stope:

stoep, poste, poets, potes.

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