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How to spell SVINE correctly?

If the intended word was "swine", suggested corrections include "swine" or "pig". If the intended word was "spine", suggested corrections include "spine" or "backbone."

List of suggestions on how to spell svine correctly

  • bovine The farmer raised a herd of bovine animals for milk and meat production.
  • CINE I am going to the cine tonight to watch a new movie.
  • divine She believed that the sunset over the ocean was a divine spectacle.
  • fine
  • Irvine
  • Levine
  • ravine The hikers had to be careful walking through the narrow ravine.
  • sabine
  • saline The doctor injected a saline solution into the patient's veins to help hydrate them.
  • sane I hope I never lose my sanity and remain sane.
  • saving
  • scene He stood frozen in the scene, utterly unaware of what to do next.
  • seine The Seine river is a popular destination for tourists visiting Paris.
  • Seiner
  • shine The sun's rays make the day shine brightly.
  • sin Many religions believe that lying is a sin.
  • sine The sine function is used in trigonometry to relate the angles of a right triangle to the length of its sides.
  • sinew The hunter's arrows were tightly bound with sinew.
  • sing
  • singe
  • skin My skin always gets dry in the winter.
  • soigne My mother's soigne attitude is what got me through the tough times.
  • spin I learned how to spin wool into yarn with a spindle.
  • spine The spine of the fish is hard.
  • Stine J.D. Salinger's Holden Caulfield was based on Stine's FearStreet series.
  • Suing The lawsuit was filed by the plaintiff suing the defendant.
  • supine The supine position is a common one for resting.
  • Sven
  • swine The farmers decided to raise swine on their land.
  • vine Ivy covered the building like a vine.
  • zine I picked up a zine at the independent bookstore.

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