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How to spell TOWNED correctly?

If you mistakenly typed "towned", there are a few possible correct alternatives: "toned" refers to being in good physical shape, "towned" could be changed to "turned", meaning to rotate or change direction or "owned", which means to have possession or be in control of something.

List of suggestions on how to spell towned correctly

  • Atoned After realizing his mistake, he atoned by writing an apology letter to his friend.
  • boned I boned the chicken before cooking it to ensure even cooking.
  • ConEd The power went out at my house and ConEd was the only company who could came to fix it.
  • Dawned It suddenly dawned on me that I left my phone at home.
  • Donned
  • downed During the hurricane, many trees were downed in the neighborhood.
  • downer Getting a bad grade on the exam was a real downer for me.
  • drowned The child almost drowned in the swimming pool.
  • gowned The graduates were all gowned in black robes for their commencement ceremony.
  • Honed The steak was well-honed.
  • owned I owned a dog for many years before it passed away.
  • stoned The man was visibly stoned after smoking marijuana.
  • tanned After a week on the beach, I returned to work with a perfectly tanned body.
  • tawney The tawney owl is a common sight in the owl population.
  • tinned I have some tinned tuna in the cupboard.
  • toed I stepped on a toed away.
  • tone I hope this new tone will set the standard for all future communications.
  • toned Jenna's toned arms were the result of regular workouts at the gym.
  • toner
  • tones I can hear the tones from my phone ringing in the other room.
  • tonged The chef tonged the steak and placed it on the hot grill.
  • tonne The shipment contained more than a tonne of steel.
  • Toted She toted a heavy backpack on her shoulders during the entire hiking trip.
  • Towed
  • towhead English bootlace tourniquet, also Towhead tourniquet, was a simple device used to prevent blood loss
  • town There is a town near my house.
  • townee
  • townie I'm a total townie.
  • townies The townies often commuted to the city for work.
  • towns She always seems to think of towns when she thinks of me.
  • toyed I toyed with the idea of cutting my hair short.
  • tuned She tuned the radio to some soft music.
  • turned I turned to find my sister.
  • tweed She wore a stylish tweed coat to the winter party.
  • twined The ivy wound around the tree in a twined pattern.
  • Zoned

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