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How to spell TRAHS correctly?

If you have mistakenly typed "trahs" instead of "trash", fret not! Autocorrect can be a tad annoying, but here are some correct suggestions to consider: trash, trace, trashy, teach, thrash, trams, triads or traits. Remember to double-check your spelling to avoid any confusion.

List of suggestions on how to spell trahs correctly

  • draws She always draws a crowd with her energetic performances.
  • drays The drays were delivered by the courier.
  • RADS Radiation absorbed doses (RADS) are used to quantify the amount of radiation absorbed by a living organism.
  • Rats I had to get rid of the rats.
  • RAYS The sun's rays were pleasantly warm on my skin during my beach vacation.
  • straws I always keep a pack of reusable straws in my purse to reduce my plastic waste.
  • strays The animal shelter was full of strays looking for loving homes.
  • Tars Tars are creatures that live in the soil.
  • TASS
  • TAUS
  • TEAS She offered me a cup of chamomile teas to relieve my stress.
  • torah
  • trace She couldn't find any trace of the missing documents.
  • traces She found some faint traces of his (her) perfume on the pillow.
  • Traci Traci is my best friend.
  • Tracks
  • tracy I'm going to see Tracy later.
  • trades Lake George is known for its summer trades.
  • trails She explored the hiking trails in the mountains with a group of friends.
  • trains Every morning, I hear the sound of trains passing through the nearby station.
  • traits While her traits are admirable, they may not be the best fit for your career path.
  • trams The city's extensive network of trams makes it easy to get around without a car.
  • Traps During our camping trip, we set up a few traps to catch some fish for dinner.
  • trash I refuse to let that trash out into the community.
  • trashes He trashes his old clothes and donates them to charity.
  • trashy I refuse to wear anything that is trashy.
  • Travis I met Travis at the coffee shop.
  • trawls The fisherman set out his trawls to catch as many fish as possible.
  • tray She left her breakfast on the tray of the coffee maker.
  • Trays I need to buy some serving trays for the party.
  • TREADS I need to replace my old treads with new ones.
  • treats I prepared some treats for my dog.
  • Trees I live near a lot of trees.
  • tress Her hair was tightly bound in a tress at the back of her head.
  • trews I had to wear a kilt and trews during my visit to Scotland.
  • treys During the basketball game, the player scored six treys and led his team to victory.
  • TRIADS The Triads are a secret organization made up of triad members.
  • trials Throughout my trials I will never give up on my dreams.
  • tries He always tries his best.
  • trios I like to listen to trios at night.
  • trows
  • trues
  • truss The truss is a key component of this bridge.
  • Truths Nothing is more important than the truths we live by.

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