What is the correct spelling for TYURN?

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Correct spelling for TYURN

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Possible correct spellings for tyurn

  • darn The first of these, which was called the Cross battery, was erected on the spot where the Cowenstein darn enters the great embankment of the Scheldt, and makes with the latter the form of a cross; the Spaniard, Mondragone, was appointed to the command of this battery.
  • dayan The Dayan rose, came up and looked at her, took the letter, and began to read it silently to himself.
  • doyen We regret to announce that Cecil Tomkins, doyen of actor-managers, is down again with mumps.
  • dun The general colour of this antelope is dun, with a rufous tinge.
  • dyer Warton illustrated his critical positions by quoting freely not only from Spenser and Milton, but from recent poets, like Thomson, Gray, Collins, and Dyer.
  • dying The light in his lantern had turned to a weak flame of yellow, and seemed on the point of dying out.
  • tan She was not vain, but she was satisfied with her eyes and hair, her white skin, impervious to tan or burn, and the shape of her mouth.
  • tarn Now Tarn, now lads all, tune up to the Ould Hunderd, "'There was a Presbyterian cat Who loved her neighbour's cream to sup; She sanctified her theft with prayer Before she went to drink it up.
  • teen Some had teen grazed by canister, but none seriously wounded.
  • ten Will there be enough to pay Isaac's ten thousand?
  • tern Tern, 57, 68, 142, 184 -black-bellied (Sterna melanogaster), 57 -river, (Sterna seena), 57
  • tin "He ast me to hold a little tin box he showed me.
  • tn Tn. Cx. alwey; F. ay. F. slepe.
  • ton Half a ton of stone from any man in return for partially supplying the cravings of hunger is an outrage which, if we read of as having occurred in Russia or Siberia, would find Exeter Hall crowded with an indignant audience, and Hyde Park filled with strong oratory.
  • torn You've torn down the gates; the barbarians are in."
  • touring The big red one is a touring broomstick, high power and very fast; you can hear her coming a mile off."
  • tourney "If you don't like my story you can give us the straight steer yourself, Tourney," he said, and, nothing loath, the older man told how Hall had been suddenly stricken with appendicitis in such severe form that an operation was necessary at once.
  • town "No one in our town ever really died, because no one ever really lived!
  • toying A Brobdignagian by size, he was for ever toying with Lilliputian slings and small craft.
  • tun He had intended to go up to the tun, an uncontrollable longing drew him toward the old room.
  • tuna This might mean that the whole performance would have to be done over again, but again the fish was checked, Colin having the line reeled up almost to the wire leader, and with a quickness that was wonderful in its accuracy, the boatman neatly dropped the gaff under the jaws of the tuna.
  • tune Set to the tune 'Kitty Tyrrel.
  • tunny They now perceived that the water was not more than half as salt as usual, and that night they saw many tunny fishes, which followed so near the ships that a man belonging to the Ninna killed one with a harpoon.
  • turban By the way, I might as well admit that it was my wife by the way is a superior woman who called my attention to the turban when I was reading your story aloud to her.
  • tureen As soon as the fish is sufficiently cooked, take away all the liquor, except a little to keep the salmon moist, and put it into another stewpan; add the stock, thicken with butter and flour, and put in the anchovies, lemon-juice, cayenne, and salt; lay the salmon on a hot dish, pour over it part of the sauce, and serve the remainder in a tureen.
  • turin If this be so, Augusta Treverorum may have at first covered only 120 or 130 acres; then, as the place spread beyond its original limits, its builders followed more or less closely the lines of the first streets, and, save near the Porta Nigra, continued the chess-board pattern as it was continued at Turin.
  • turing The n-state busy beaver (BB-n) game is a contest to find such an n-state Turing machine having the largest possible score — the largest number of 1s on its tape after halting.
  • turn Don't turn from me to them.
  • turner Mrs. Turner been here?"
  • turpin Tilpin or Turpin was actually archbishop of Rheims from 753-794, but nobody pretends that the chronicle going under his name is authentic.
  • tying "I suppose so," said Winthrop, tying his chain.
  • tyson "One evening the servant announced a stranger at the door, who wished to see Mr. Tyson privately.
  • yarn Sounds like a newspaper yarn, doesn't it?"
  • yawn Then at last, suddenly, his climax was a yawn, and he declared that he must go to bed.
  • yearn She lived vividly though her far-projected sensations, until truly pity for Wilfrid was active in her bosom, she feeling how he would yearn for her.
  • yen "I belong Clistian, allasame you," answered Yen, assuming a quasi-devout expression.
  • yon What are yon, think you?
  • yuan Renminbi (RMB); note - also referred to by the unit yuan (CNY)
  • Tron Castor (1855–1906), American politician Helen Castor (born 1968), English historian Jimmy Castor (born 1947), American musician Kathy Castor (born 1966), American politician Stacey Castor (born 1968), American murderer Castor/Zuse, a fictional character in the film Tron: Legacy Fiction Castor Oyl, fictional character in the Popeye cartoons Castor Troy, fictional character in the 1997 movie Face/Off, portrayed by Nicolas Cage and John Travolta Castor, fictional character in the video game Spartan: Total Warrior Lord Castor, fictional character in the 2007 movie The Harpy Castor, fictional character in Tron: Legacy, portrayed by Michael Sheen "Castor, Gobernador" fictional character in The Courts of the Morning by John Buchan "Castor Wilds" fictional location in The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap by Nintendo
  • Yin 'If ye hadna a face for pies already, I wud gi'e ye yin!'
  • Taiyuan -Thirty-three, all from North China, as follows: JEHOL: Hsin-lung-shan, 65 mi. NE Peking, 3000 ft., 4. KANSU: 15 mi. S Lanchow, 7400 ft., 1. SHANSI: Chiao-cheng-shan, 90 mi. W Taiyuan, 7000-8000 ft., 4; 30 mi. W Kuei-hau-cheng, 7000 ft., 5; Lung-wang-shan, 20 mi. E Taiyuan, 4000 ft., 10; 18 mi. W Taiyuan, 5000 ft., 1; 50 mi. NW Taiyuan, 5500 ft., 4. SHENSI: 12 mi. S Yenan, 4000 ft., 4.
  • Dunn On page 204 of the illustrated editions an exact picture has been given by Rossetti's pupil, Dunn, of the famous studio at 16 Cheyne Walk-the studio which will always be associated with Rossetti's name.
  • Tyrone He was delightfully humorous, also, in Handy Andy, and in all that long line of Irish characters that came to our stage with Tyrone Power and the elder John Drew.
  • Duran Duran would be forewarned, and so our purpose defeated.
  • Tran Anopheles veruslanei Vargas 1979 Anopheles vestitipennis Dyar & Knab 1906 Series Christya (Christophers 1924) Anopheles implexus Theobald 1903 Anopheles okuensis Brunhes, le Goff & Geoffroy 1997 Series Myzorhynchus (Edwards 1932) Anopheles obscurus Grunberg 1905 Anopheles bancroftii Giles 1902 Anopheles barbirostris* Van der Wulp 1884 Anopheles pollicaris Reid 1962 Group Albotaeniatus (Reid & Knight 1961) Anopheles albotaeniatus Theobald 1903 Anopheles balerensis Mendoza 1947 Anopheles ejercitoi Mendoza 1947 Anopheles montanus Stanton & Hacker 1917 Anopheles saperoi Bohart & Ingram 1946 subspecies ohamai Ohama subspecies saperoi Bohart & Ingram Group Bancroftii (Reid & Knight 1961) Anopheles pseudobarbirostris Ludlow 1935 Anopheles bancroftii Giles 1902 subspecies bancroftii Giles subspecies barbiventris Brug Group Barbirostris (Reid & Knight 1961) Anopheles freyi Meng 1957 Anopheles koreicus Yamada & Watanabe 1918 Subgroup Barbirostris (Reid 1968) Anopheles barbirostris van der Wulp 1884 Anopheles campestris Reid 1962 Anopheles donaldi Reid 1962 Anopheles franciscoi Reid 1962 Anopheles hodgkini Reid 1962 Anopheles pollicaris Reid 1962 Subgroup Vanus (Reid 1968) Anopheles ahomi Chowdhury 1929 Anopheles barbumbrosus Strickland & Chowdhury 1927 Anopheles manalangi Mendoza 1940 Anopheles reidi Harrison 1973 Anopheles vanus Walker 1859 Group Coustani (Reid & Knight 1961) Anopheles caliginosus De Meillon 1943 Anopheles coustani Laveran 1900 Anopheles crypticus Coetzee 1994 Anopheles fuscicolor Van Someren 1947 Anopheles namibiensis Coetzee 1984 Anopheles paludis Theobald 1900 Anopheles symesi Edwards 1928 Anopheles tenebrosus Donitz 1902 Anopheles ziemanni Grunberg 1902 Group Hyrcanus (Reid 1953) Anopheles anthropophagus Xu and Feng 1975 Anopheles argyropus Swellengrebel 1914 Anopheles belenrae Rueda 2005 Anopheles changfus Ma 1981 Anopheles chodukini Martini 1929 Anopheles dazhaius Ma 1981 Anopheles engarensis Kanda & Oguma 1978 Anopheles hailarensis Xu JinJiang & Luo XinFu 1998 Anopheles heiheensis Ma 1981 Anopheles hyrcanus* Pallas 1771 Anopheles junlianensis Lei 1996 Anopheles kiangsuensis Xu and Feng 1975 Anopheles kleini Rueda 2005 Anopheles kummingensis Dong & Wang 1985 Anopheles kweiyangensis Yao & Wu 1944 Anopheles liangshanensis Kang Tan Cao Cheng Yang & Huang 1984 Anopheles nimpe Nguyen, Tran & Harbach Anopheles pseudopictus Graham 1899 Anopheles pullus Yamada 1937 Anopheles sinensis* Wiedemann 1828 Anopheles sineroides Yamada 1924 Anopheles xiaokuanus Ma 1981 Anopheles xui Dong, Zhou, Dong & Mao 2007 Anopheles yatsushiroensis Miyazaki 1951 Subgroup Lesteri (Harrison 1972) Anopheles crawfordi Reid 1953 Anopheles kiangsuensis Xu & Feng 1975 Anopheles lesteri de Meillon 1931 Anopheles paraliae Sandosham 1959 Anopheles peditaeniatus Leicester 1908 Anopheles vietnamensis Manh Hinh & Vien 1993 Subgroup Nigerrimus (Harrison 1972) Anopheles nigerrimus* Giles 1900 Anopheles nitidus Harrison, Scanlon & Reid 1973 Anopheles pseudosinensis Baisas 1935 Anopheles pursati Laveran 1902 Group Umbrosus (Reid 1950) Anopheles brevipalpis Roper 1914 Anopheles brevirostris Reid 1950 Anopheles hunteri Strickland 1916 Anopheles samarensis Rozeboom 1951 Anopheles similissimus Strickland & Chowdhury 1927 Subgroup Baezai (Rattanarithikul et al.
  • TENN On receipt of the orders, the 18th marched, on the 23d of December, 1862, from Pilot Knob to Nashville, Tenn.

16 words made from the letters tyurn

4 letter words made from tyurn:

nytr, runt, nury, tuny, turn, ruyt, yurt.

3 letter words made from tyurn:

run, rut, nut, tun, tyr, try, urn.

5 letter words made from tyurn:

turny, runty.

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