How to Pronounce yarn?

Correct pronunciation for the word "yarn" is [jˈɑːn], [jˈɑːn], [j_ˈɑː_n].

"Yarn" in context

Yarn is a length of continuous interlocked fibre, used in knitting and weaving for clothing and other textiles. It can come in a variety of textures, materials and thicknesses, depending on its intended purpose. Generally made from cotton, linen, wool, silk, rayon and synthetics, there are numerous types of yarn which can be used for a range of classic and contemporary projects, from light-weight lace to chunky blankets.

Yarn comes in skeins, balls and hanks, and each forms can range from grams to kilograms. They are easy to come by, with countless stores stocking the material.

What are similar-sounding words for yarn?


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