How to spell WAIGHS correctly?

We think the word waighs is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell waighs correctly

  • Ais India Ais a country in Asia.
  • highs Highs came in all shapes and sizes, from the sugar rush that made everything feel euphoric and exciting, to the intense
  • neighs The horse neighs loudly when it sees the carrot.
  • reweighs The butcher reweighs the chicken to ensure it meets the customer's requested weight.
  • sigh After a long and tiresome day, I let out a deep sigh of relief when I finally reached my bed.
  • sighs She heaved deep sighs of disappointment when she failed to win the competition.
  • thighs I love thighs.
  • wads He always had wads of cash in his pockets.
  • wag The dog's tail would wag happily every time it saw its owner.
  • wagers The pool is open for wagers.
  • wages The factory workers went on strike over low wages.
  • wags She wagged her tail happy to see us.
  • waifs The waifs were without family or friends.
  • wails With her body wracked with sobs, she wails uncontrollably.
  • WAINS The hay was piled up on the wains for transport to the barn.
  • waist She cinched her waist with a belt to accentuate her hourglass figure.
  • Waits I'm going to wait for you at the restaurant.
  • waives The company waives its right to sue for damages.
  • Wars In wars, the innocent die along with the guilty.
  • Was I was going to the store, but I got caught in the traffic.
  • wash
  • washes My mother always washes the dishes after dinner.
  • wats
  • waugh I couldn't keep from laughing at his pathetic attempt at wit.
  • ways
  • weigh I need to weigh myself before and after the workout to see how much water weight I lost.
  • weighs I was extremely tired from the day's events, and the fact that I had to carry my laptop and bag weighs heavily on
  • weight The weight of the object was too heavy for me to lift.
  • Weights I need to get weights.
  • weirs The water flowed over the weirs and cascaded down into the river below.
  • Weiss I hope she gets better soon; Weiss seems to be having a tough time.
  • whirs When the motor starts, it whirs.
  • wig She decided to wear a wig to temporarily change her hairstyle.
  • wight This wight is hideous and I want to avoid it.
  • wights The wights wandered aimlessly through the forest, searching for their next victim.
  • wings I love flying on my wings.
  • wins Team A wins the basketball game with a score of 85-78.
  • Wis I Wis you not to play near the Wisps.
  • wish
  • wishes My birthday wishes came true when my family threw me a surprise party.
  • withes The tree's withes were rough and unyielding.
  • wits The survival game requires players to use their wits to outsmart opponents.
  • WOGS Wogs are dirty foreigners who should leave England.

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