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How to spell WEARAING correctly?

If you accidentally type "wearing" as "wearaing", fear not! Here are some correct suggestions that can save the day. Firstly, ensure you're not mistakenly adding an extra "a". Secondly, check if the "i" and "r" are swapped. Lastly, double-check the use of capitalization. Remember, even small typing errors can be easily rectified!

List of suggestions on how to spell wearaing correctly

  • bearing The weight of the object has a significant bearing on how much force is required to move it.
  • earring
  • Fearing
  • gearing
  • hearing Her hearing is so sensitive that she can hear a pin drop from across the room.
  • Nearing I am nearing the end of my workday and can't wait to go home.
  • rearing The young woman was surprised to discover how expensive rearing a child could be.
  • Searing
  • swearing Mom caught Tommy swearing and washing his mouth with soap.
  • tearing I could hear the sound of tearing paper as I tried to unwrap the gift.
  • Warding The warding runes on the door keep the evil spirits out.
  • Waring
  • warming The warming of the planet is a global issue that needs immediate action.
  • warning The flashing lights and blaring sirens were a warning of the impending danger.
  • warping The floorboards in this old house are warping from all the moisture.
  • warring The two tribes had been warring for years, and there seemed to be no end in sight.
  • weaning She is gradually weaning her baby off breast milk and transitioning to solid foods.
  • wearing I am wearing a sweater today because it's chilly outside.
  • wearying The journey was long and wearying, but they finally reached their destination.
  • weaving She spent hours weaving a beautiful tapestry with intricate patterns.

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