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How to spell WHEOM correctly?

The correct spelling for "wheom" is "whom". "Whom" is used as a relative pronoun in a sentence when referring to the object of a verb or preposition. Some examples include, "To whom did you give the book?" and "On whom does the responsibility fall?"

List of suggestions on how to spell wheom correctly

  • CHEM I am taking a CHEM 101 course this semester.
  • hem She used a hem tape to finish the edges of the skirt.
  • Them
  • wham I hit my head on the low branch and went wham onto the ground.
  • WHEE Whee, I got a new toy!
  • whelm
  • when
  • whet I'll give you a whet for your sharp tongue.
  • Whew After the race, I was glad to take a deep breath and Whew!
  • whey I prefer the whey protein over the casein protein.
  • Whilom Whilom I toiled in mills; now I motor in sun.
  • whim She decided to take a road trip on a whim.
  • who She asked who arrived first.
  • Whoa I was about to walk in front of a bus, but then I saw a bike in the way and whoa!
  • Whom He whom you choose will be your leader.
  • whop He let out a scream as the baseball whop-ped him in the stomach.

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