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How to spell WHINDS correctly?

The correct spelling for "whinds" could be "winds", which refers to the movement of air or gases. Another possible suggestion could be "whines", which means complaining or protesting in a high-pitched voice. However, the context of the sentence is crucial to determine the correct spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell whinds correctly

  • binds The love between two people often binds them together for life.
  • finds She finds it difficult to concentrate when there's background noise.
  • hands She placed her hands on the table, waiting for the meeting to start.
  • hinds
  • Hindus Hindus celebrate Diwali as a festival of light.
  • hints I gave her some hints about what to expect during the interview.
  • kinds
  • minds I have a lot of minds to tend to.
  • rinds She saved the Parmesan cheese rinds to add to soup for extra flavor.
  • WAINS The old barn had a collection of antique wains, used for storing hay and equipment.
  • wands The wizard pulled out two wands from his robes - one for casting spells and the other for defense.
  • Wends For most of their history, the Wends were a Germanic people who lived in what are now the Czech Republic, Poland
  • whens
  • Whined The dog whined at the door, eager to go for a walk.
  • whiners Everyone in the room whiners except for Sue who has a great attitude.
  • whines
  • Whites Many people debate about the rights and privileges that Whites are given in society.
  • wilds We spent the weekend hiking in the wilds of the national park.
  • wind
  • winds The howling winds made it difficult to sleep.
  • windy The wind howled through the trees on the windy night.
  • Wines There is a vast selection of wines at the local vineyard.
  • wings
  • winks She gave him a sly smile and a few winks, letting him know that she had a secret plan.
  • winos The park bench is often occupied by winos who are looking for a place to get drunk.
  • wins
  • Wounds His wounds had begun to heals, but the pain never went away.

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