Correct spelling for WHOUD

We think the word whoud is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for whoud

  • hod He'd brought it to show Mal and Hod.
  • hood When Sir Samuel Hood got information of this unlucky event, the line-of-battle ships returned to Saint Lucia to refit, while the frigates were employed in watching the movements of the enemy.
  • hud Hud. No, he proves him loyal To me, his master.
  • loud The Saxon rider reared his head at these words, and gazed on the large front of Hardrada, as he answered, loud and distinct: "Seven feet of land for a grave, or, seeing that he is taller than other men, as much more as his corse may demand!"
  • shod La Salle, however, had provided better for comfort and the vicissitudes of sea-fowl shooting; occupying a broad, flat-bottomed boat, furnished with steel-shod runners, and "half-decked" fore-and-aft, further defended from the sea and spray by weather-boards, which left open a small well, capable of seating four persons.
  • thud Every now and then a large packing-case would excite the inhabitants of the row, as it was borne on one of the Yarmouth carts constructed on purpose for the convenience of passing through the rows, and dropped down with a tremendous thud on the pavement opposite Mr. Boyd's door.
  • void He looked out the windows at the illimitable void that was waiting to absorb his pitiful little supply of air and he thought of the days he had hauled and jerked at the springs with all his strength, not realizing the damage he was doing.
  • wad O Peter, hinny, could ye only come hame-did you only ken what sleepless nights I spend on your account, ye wad leave America as soon as ye get my letter.
  • ward Tuonela was like this upper earth; the sun shone there, there was no lack of land and water, wood and field, tilth and meadow; there were bears and wolves, snakes and pike, but all things were of a hurtful, dismal kind; the woods dark and swarming with wild beasts, the water black, the cornfields bearing seed of snake's teeth; and there stern, pitiless old Tuoni, and his grim wife and son, with the hooked fingers with iron points, kept watch and ward over the dead lest they should escape.
  • wed "But what I have to say, your Worships," she continued when she had ceased serving and had settled down in a highbacked chair to rest, "is that the Lady Rebecca will never wed another while she harboureth the thought of Captain Smith's return."
  • weed So Miss Sumner stayed and helped Bryce weed his carrots, and since as a voluntary labourer she was at least worth her board, at noon Bryce brought her in to Mrs. Tully with a request for luncheon.
  • whet People grumbled that "Popish darts were whet afresh on a Dutch grindstone."
  • whit Whitooweek, whit-oo-week', the woodcock.
  • who Who had ever heard of a nobleman marrying a gipsy?
  • whop Dey whop us, an' dey kick us, an' dey don't gib us half 'nough to eat.
  • woad His ignorance of foreign states was undoubtedly greater, for there were as yet no regular gazettes or local papers for him, and he himself generally did not wander farther than to the nearest town, where he sold his products, or occasionally over the mountain when he had to drive cows; or if a Thuringian, to go to the woad market at Erfurt, if a Franconian, perhaps to Bamberg with his hops.
  • wold No doubt, the scenery described does not refer to Clevedon, but to some Lincolnshire wold, from which the whole range from marsh to the sea was visible.
  • wood Growing on old wood, Sporangium about 1 mm.
  • woody The sprinkling of mountains of peculiar forms here and there, and the open country, which showed a bluey distance, were new features in the scenery, and most pleasing to us, so long accustomed to travel through a level woody country.
  • word Why, acting on a good-natured impulse, had she been so foolish as to write him a last word saying she would come and see him off?
  • wordy Wrapped in its wordy envelope, the notion as formulated by Spencer needs no subtilty of apprehension, but only a dictionary.
  • wort "The wort so prepared is then to be boiled into a panada with sea-biscuit or dried fruits usually carried to sea.
  • would So I came and told my master how they would have sixpence for his letter, and was selling bigger ones for twopence.
  • wound It is very loosely put together, and composed interiorly of moderately fine dry twigs and roots, but exteriorly it is completely wound round with slender green ivy-twigs to which the leaves are attached.
  • Hoed Preference should be given to "hoed crops," as it is essential to keep the surface in open tilth, as well as to destroy all weeds.
  • Wot I don't care wot other people sy, but wot I says is, there's nothin' like marriage.
  • What " What a hard-hearted person you are," smiled Marjorie.
  • Whoa In his loudest voice he cried out: " Whoa, Sunger!"
  • Whom To both of whom the freedom of the borough was presented, on the occasion of their visit-13 Sept.
  • Wooed What was she more than the swart women who had lived here and been wooed of men?
  • why'd You ape, said Daley, why'd you come?
  • you'd Once, the night I told you about baby coming, I told you there'd be a time when you'd have to hold me.
  • who'd Who'd yer got ter tell yer abart it?
  • whup "Lawd, Miss Blossom, hit cyarn' hut Tobias ez hit ud hut de res'er us," replied Mary Jo, with fine philosophy, "case dar ain but two years er 'im ter whup."
  • we'd " We'd better be getting back, Linn.
  • who's Who's major domo of this outfit?"

12 words made from the letters whoud

4 letter words made from whoud:

dhow, woud, douw, oudh, whod, dhou.

3 letter words made from whoud:

duo, who, hod, how, hud, doh.

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