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How to spell WLATER correctly?

The misspelling "wlater" can be corrected by suggesting the correct spelling of "water". It could also be corrected by providing phonetic or mnemonic aids to remember the correct spelling, such as "we all need waTER to live."

List of suggestions on how to spell wlater correctly

  • alter
  • bloater My grandfather loves to have a bloater with his breakfast every day.
  • clatter The clatter of dishes and silverware echoed through the restaurant.
  • elate Winning the championship trophy made the team elate with joy.
  • flatter I don't want to flatter anyone, but you really have a talent for singing.
  • floater I have a floater in my eye that sometimes obstructs my vision.
  • late I will be late for the meeting because my train is delayed.
  • later
  • lather I like to work up a good lather when I'm washing my hands.
  • latter After dinner, we adjourned to the living room to listen to the latter half of the symphony.
  • liter I need to buy a liter of milk for the recipe.
  • plate I need to wash the plate after eating dinner.
  • platter I placed the platter of cookies on the table.
  • Relater The relater is my best friend.
  • slate She picked up the slate to erase her mistake.
  • slater I have a friend named Slater who is a great guy.
  • waiter The waiter brought us our dinner order in a prompt and courteous manner.
  • walter My mother always told me that Walter was a very important man.
  • water The swimming pool was quite deep, but I was able to retrieve my towel and water bottle before I climbed out.
  • welter Mark Twain once observed, "A welter of words is like a welter of beer.

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