How To Spell ab?

Correct spelling: ab

What does the abbreviation ab mean?

 \a-del-phe, ad(e)-lphe\

Adelphe as a boy's name is of Greek origin, and the meaning of Adelphe is "brother". French name.
  • Adelfus,
  • Adelfo,
  • Adelpho,
  • Adelphus.

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What are the usage examples for ab?

  1. I'm all p- p- put ab b- bout by what you've t- t- told me. – Eugenie Grandet by Honore de Balzac
  2. Look, Coco, no ab breath. – The Pirate by Frederick Marryat
  3. Yeth, he'th crathy ab out them. – The Heart of the Range by William Patterson White
  4. Now here I sent to Greenwich because I lost a leg, And ab to climb up to de ward upon my wooden peg. – Poor Jack by Frederick Marryat
  5. I heard the Dean mutter, 'Et venient ab Oriente et Occidente. – The Armourer's Prentices by Charlotte Mary Yonge

What are the quotes for ab?

  1. I didn't know what kind of jobs, because how was I prepared? At best, I would be an AB in English.

What are the rhymes for ab?

  1. slab, be, shi, tabb, gee, syp, tea, de, ddt, sci, curie, goatee, slee, three, gutsy, ot, waikiki, flea, mcghee, brea, odp, cc, flee, nghi, detainee, yippee, cod, crabbe, cyb, stab, nab, leigh, z, see, andree, lp, ve, fop, louie, rab, ghee, ofc, resignee, henri, te, chablis, enrollee, rupee, retiree, prix, quay, licensee, tyree, zee, dsv, ee, flab, trustee, enlistee, sabb, sea, tab, nestle, inductee, valoree, tenn, he, glee, dundee, she, sightsee, c3, key, mpg, c, jaycee, cd, cree, kea, sze, emcee, cat-3, nee, marquis, sep, scab, franchisee, jie, pree, rosalee, vi, hee, spie, khe, nic, ti, rea, g, we, guarantee, tee, kyi, rosemarie, bt, tennessee, ib, wee, magee, rb, marie, nabb, nominee, bibi, honoree, re, spree, the, ged, yangtze, pea, markee, rabb, yi, mt, tse, kee, xi, dee, bab, apc, free, potpourri, tree, nie, dupree, eap, mee, jessee, njt, ski, designee, mea, nabil, qui, guaranty, yee, banshee, shri, ip, drab, referee, devotee, fee, ranee, m3, cac, jee, xie, loree, cab, thee, lsd, prab, mme, draftee, cie, snee, plea, tv, atp, t, brie, qi, bourgeoisie, sheree, decree, blea, lea, repartee, je, chee, knab, prefab, ze, pattee, me, gyi, b, bui, bree, blab, babb, bbc, guarani, thierry, li, dab, ne, parolee, mc, thi, lab, si, klee, marquee, lessee, musee, degree, ravi, jubilee, fsi, p, knee, debris, mcnabb, whoopee, oad, se, indri, undersea, ye, dea, oversea, conferee, ree, crab, escapee, ki, disagree, internee, mcgee, vendee, jab, d, ji, zea, v, sri, appointee, trainee, vee, capri, mab, mi, lxi, gab, bee, foresee, lavie, sie, chea, bea, yie, mit, crea, lee, fab, quai, pawnee, id, smee, pri, grab, cxc, deportee, esprit, fi;
  2. agree, achee, adee, abee, albee, alee, ac;
  3. addressee, amc, abt, adoree, adoptee, amputee, absentee;
  4. irit, knbc, geac, lapd, hnat, interviewee;
  5. awb;

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