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Correct spelling: aggress

Definition of aggress:

  1. To be the first to attack; to begin the quarrel.

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Rhymes for aggress:

  1. es, pless, ches, esse, abs, chess, jess, stress, les, less, tess, mess, s, kess, dress, fests, nes, ress, press, bess, guess, ess, vess, bless, gess, cress, hess, wes, tress, ness, guests, gless, crests, fess, ques, hesse, yes;
  2. contests, digress, impress, largesse, divests, vs, digests, possess, address, oppress, retests, distress, noblesse, confess, excess, ellesse, obsess, infests, transgress, caress, repress, success, redress, compress, profess, attests, suppress, undress, ls, express, unless, assess, protests, invests, ts, recess, requests, depress, finesse, molests, etess, regress, egress, suggests, fluoresce, progress, fs;
  3. uss, dispossess, cus, coalesce, ins, reassess, dss, pos, ers, uys, repossess, reinvests, nonetheless, oas, ccs, cps, las, convalesce, acquiesce, lcs;
  4. cmos, abts, adss, hces, stds, nevertheless, ws, tcas;