How To Spell ANON?

Correct spelling: ANON

What is the definition of ANON?

  1. Straightway; at once.

What does the abbreviation ANON mean?

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What are the usage examples for ANON?

  1. And anon Sir Balan died, but Sir Balin died not till the midnight after; and then they both were buried. – The Legends Of King Arthur And His Knights by James Knowles
  2. It was ten o'clock on a cold, dark winter's night; the wind drove snow flakes into the open windows, and ever and anon the candles flickered as if they would be extinguished. – The Children of the World by Paul Heyse
  3. Anon I told a tale of shame, And while in tears I slept, Behold! – Poems by Arthur Macy

What are the rhymes for ANON?

  1. pon, hon, lian, kon, caen, yon, wan, spawn, swan, tron, shon, juan, bonn, bonne, kron, on, sohn, jonn, pran, cron, mon, jon, tonn, john, non, dwan, caan, kuan, chon, wann, bon, kahn, han, lon, xian, xuan, don, donn, jaan, won, rohn, conn, hahn, ron, ronne, sonn, khan;
  2. galvan, fernand, ilan, tehran, stephane, sichuan, oran, odds-on, oman, forgone, yvonne, toran, amman, taiwan, vivyan, milan, alcon, antoine, aton, kahan, koran, upon, dhahran, gabon, walk-on, eldon, johan, hassan, bataan, dejohn, sorbonne, iran, chiffon, golan, salon, orran, bhutan, alon, elston, saigon, evonne, baton, ceylon, nippon, yuan, c'mon, javan;
  3. cadogan, kazakhstan, moldovan, thereupon, rapprochement, christianne, christiane, denouement, teheran, whereupon;
  4. azerbaijan;

What are the translations for ANON?

Arabic word for Anon


Bengali word for Anon


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Korean word for Anon


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Turkish word for Anon

çok geçmeden.

Vietnamese word for Anon

lập tức.