How To Spell early?

Correct spelling: early

What is the definition of early?

  1. expected in the near future; "look for an early end to the negotiations"

What does the abbreviation early mean?

 \e(a)-rly, ear-ly\

eagle wood
Early as a boy's name is of Old English origin, and the meaning of Early is "eagle wood". Also possibly means "earl's meadow", or from the English word "early". Confederate General Jubal Early.

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What are the rhymes for early?

  1. hurly, shirley, earley, erly, girlie, pearly, surly, perley, turley, worley, sherley, shirlee, earlie, hurley;
  2. birley, burley, curly, curley, burly;

What are the translations for early?

Afrikaans words for Early

erken, vroeë.

Arabic word for Early


Bengali word for Early

গোড়ার দিকে.

Chinese words for Early

早, 早期, 尽早, 及早, 开初, 早来, 夙, 早的.

Dutch words for Early

eerst, jong, jeugdig, tijdig, vroeg, vroegtijdig, pril, bijtijds.

French words for Early

ancien, jeune, matinal, précoce, de bonne heure, récente, récentes, primitif, précoces, anticipée, anticipé, anticipées, précocement.

German words for Early

initial, rapide, baldig, vorzeitig, früh, vorgezogen, Primer, zeitig, frühzeitig, Premier, zu früh.

Greek word for Early


Hindi word for Early


Italian word for Early


Japanese words for Early

早め, アーリー, はよう, 早過ぎる, はよ, 早すぎる, はじめのころ, 早う, 早よ, 始めのころ, はやすぎる.

Korean word for Early


Malay word for Early


Marathi word for Early


Norwegian word for Early


Portuguese words for Early

antecipadamente, imediato, antecipado, atempada, iniciais, inaugural, adiantado, nascente, atempado, primeiras, embrionário, temporã, primária, embrionária, recuada, prévias, imediatos, primevo, precocemente, prematuramente, de madrugada, antes do tempo, matutinamente, de modo precoce, ao alvorecer, precedentemente, cedo.

Romanian word for Early


Russian words for Early

ранний, досрочный, рано, скороспелый, досрочно, заблаговременно.

Spanish words for Early

precoz, antiguo, temprana, prematuro, primitivo, temprano, inicial, primera, anticipado, preliminar, preliminares, incipiente, adelantado, anticipadamente, rápida, tempranero, matutino.

Swedish word for Early


Tamil word for Early


Ukrainian word for Early


Vietnamese word for Early