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How To Spell yearly?

Correct spelling: yearly

Definition of yearly:

  1. Lasting a year; as, a yearly plant.

List of misspellings for yearly:

  • bearlly,
  • earley,
  • bearly,
  • eeirly,
  • yeara,
  • deerly,
  • yrarly,
  • rearly,
  • yearm,
  • uearly,
  • yeard,
  • eirly,
  • yearhe,
  • ydarly,
  • raerly,
  • y'alll,
  • learly,
  • bearley,
  • rearley,
  • yeare,
  • yeardley,
  • dearley,
  • meirly,
  • nearley,
  • yeart,
  • yearl,
  • fearly,
  • yourll,
  • yeals,
  • eaarly,
  • youall,
  • yeary,
  • yealy,
  • earlly,
  • your'll,
  • yearld,
  • cearl,
  • eaerly,
  • nearly18,
  • yearz,
  • fearl,
  • yearto,
  • verly,
  • yah'll,
  • yeall,
  • yerar,
  • weairly,
  • yardly,
  • yearlier,
  • yerly,
  • yealled,
  • eurly,
  • cearly,
  • 7early,
  • gearly,
  • hearly,
  • earluy,
  • yearr,
  • yeari,
  • yawll,
  • yearw,
  • naerly,
  • rearlly,
  • yery,
  • ywarly,
  • yearlly,
  • yearsl,
  • fearlly,
  • baerly,
  • earl'y,
  • aerly,
  • rarly,
  • yalle,
  • herly,
  • aearly,
  • yyyyyyyyyyyya,
  • yeidl,
  • ayearly,
  • ysarly,
  • eairly,
  • cerly,
  • yeawr,
  • byerly,
  • you'all,
  • wearly,
  • earloy,
  • youshually,
  • yearbok,
  • yeald,
  • 6early,
  • verliy,
  • earliy,
  • youreally,
  • mearly,
  • yourl,
  • nearlly,
  • eearly,
  • yearley,
  • searly,
  • yearls.

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This graph shows how "yearly" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for yearly:

  1. Some of them pay a yearly payment on their lines, while others hire them. – Second Shetland Truck System Report by William Guthrie
  2. I believe there are as many men who have to go to Mr. Bruce's store, and take their goods there, in consequence of the want of money to pay for them at other places, as there are who can go and open accounts with other merchants and pay them yearly – Second Shetland Truck System Report by William Guthrie

Rhymes for yearly:

  1. dearly, clearly, nearly, myrlie, merely;
  2. sincerely, austerely, severely;
  3. cavalierly;

Translations for yearly:

Afrikaans word for Yearly


Bengali word for Yearly


Dutch word for Yearly


French words for Yearly

annuel, annuelle, annuels.

German word for Yearly

alle Jahre wieder.

Italian word for Yearly


Japanese word for Yearly


Korean word for Yearly


Malay word for Yearly


Polish word for Yearly


Spanish word for Yearly


Swedish word for Yearly

varje år.