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How To Spell growing?

Correct spelling: growing

Definition of growing:

  1. having or showing vigorous vegetal or animal life; "flourishing crops"; "flourishing chicks"; "a growing boy"; "fast-growing weeds"; "a thriving deer population"

List of misspellings for growing:

  • growingg,
  • growna,
  • browing,
  • growthin,
  • giwing,
  • grouming,
  • kowing,
  • grovin,
  • growingup,
  • kmowing,
  • narrwing,
  • grewling,
  • driwing,
  • groovin,
  • growwing,
  • grubing,
  • kinowing,
  • grroming,
  • cralwing,
  • mirrowing,
  • gowin,
  • croswind,
  • growig,
  • grapewine,
  • browine,
  • grouning,
  • rewing,
  • gwoing,
  • growen,
  • grwon,
  • rawing,
  • grouwling,
  • groqwing,
  • broweing,
  • crowen,
  • growoing,
  • drwing,
  • growingly,
  • groiwng,
  • crowching,
  • konwing,
  • growimg,
  • kknowing,
  • grwoth,
  • grouing,
  • drowing,
  • trhowing,
  • frowing,
  • barowing,
  • grwing,
  • scrowing,
  • grolwing,
  • gropuing,
  • borowing,
  • gromming,
  • gowing,
  • growiung,
  • graoning,
  • greewich,
  • groming,
  • browin,
  • grownin,
  • regrowing,
  • growin,
  • crwaling,
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  • groving,
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  • groeing,
  • thrwoing,
  • drewing,
  • groweth,
  • gruwling,
  • growting,
  • gorwing,
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  • sjhowing,
  • groupwill,
  • groing,
  • throuwing,
  • wasgrowing,
  • grewing,
  • growith,
  • groaing,
  • grawling,
  • growong,
  • growng,
  • grouling,
  • grouding,
  • gropeing,
  • crawing,
  • grosing,
  • growend,
  • grwoing,
  • throwiung,
  • grawing,
  • growming,
  • growiing,
  • sgrowing.

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Forever Growing Garden, is an educational video game developed by Communication Wave and published by Media Vision in 1993. The game has a simple interface for easy seeding, watering and growing of plants for three different locations.

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2010 film

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Growing Up Asian in Australia



Growing up Asian in Australia is an anthology of personal accounts, essays, short stories and poetry edited by Alice Pung. The discourse of "Asians" in Australia is similar to that in America and usually includes people of East Asian "oriental" background such as Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese or Koreans.

The Growing Paynes


American sitcom

The Growing Paynes is an American sitcom that aired on the DuMont Television Network.

The Price of Growing Up


Television series

The Price of Growing Up is a TVB television series, premiered in 1987. Theme song "The Infinite Journey" composition and arrangement by Joseph Koo, lyrics by Wong Jim, sung by Kenny Bee, and the sub theme song "Still My Heart Was Thinking About You" composition and arrangement by Joseph Koo, lyrics by Wong Jim, sung by Kenny Bee and Cally Kwong.

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Translations for growing:

Dutch words for Growing

teelt, stijgend, groeiend, toenemend, uitdijend.

French words for Growing

florissant, croissant, producteur, grandissante, en pleine croissance, grandissantes, en pleine expansion, végétatif.

German words for Growing

Anbau, zunehmend, steigend, wachsend, anwachsend, Anpflanzung, heranwachsend, anbauend, züchtend.

Italian word for Growing


Portuguese words for Growing

crescente, positiva, acrescidas, crescentes, que cresce, em crescimento, vegetativa.

Spanish words for Growing

ascendente, creciente, emergentes, aumentado.