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How To Spell down?

Correct spelling: down

What is the definition of down?

  1. Downcast.

What does the abbreviation down mean?


Down as a boy's name.

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What are the rhymes for down?

  1. browne, lown, brown, town, noun, crown, drown, clown, gown, frown;
  2. around, renown, mcgown, uptown;

What are the translations for down?

Arabic word for Down

إِلَى أَسْفَل.

Chinese words for Down

AF, 下来, 向下.

Dutch words for Down

somber, door, beneden, naar beneden, omlaag, neerwaarts, verdrietig, ongelukkig, neerslachtig, neer, benedenwaarts, down.

French words for Down

duvet, à terre, abattu, déprimé, découragé, bas, vers le bas, triste, dons, sorti, en repli.

German words for Down

unten, unterhalb, ausgefallen, nieder, bezwingen, längs, senkrecht, außer Betrieb, hinunter, herunter, runter, nach unten, Daunen, niederschlagen, zusammengebrochen, hinab, herab, abwärts, hernieder, Daune, Flaum, Hügelland, Höhenzug, herunterholen, zu Fall bringen.

Italian words for Down

basso, giù, in basso, piumino.

Japanese words for Down

下に, 羽毛, しもに, 気が重い, なんもう, 軟毛, わたげ, きがおもい, めんもう, うもう, 下へ.

Javanese word for Down


Korean word for Down


Malay word for Down


Norwegian word for Down


Portuguese words for Down

abaixo, reduzido, abatido, para baixo, desligado, reduzidas, caído.

Romanian word for Down


Russian word for Down


Spanish words for Down

abajo, de abajo, bloqueado, colgado, más barato.

Swedish word for Down


Tamil word for Down


Turkish word for Down