How To Spell dome?

Correct spelling: dome

What is the definition of dome?

  1. A large cupola; as, the dome of the Capitol at Washington.

What does the abbreviation dome mean?

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What are the quotes for dome?

  1. Be cocky. Walk into the Georgia Dome like you own it.

What are the rhymes for dome?

  1. home, foam, ohm, loam, chrome, rome, combe, clomb, tome, boehm, comb, nome, boehme, noam, holm, gnome, oehme, roam, kolm, lome, yom;
  2. guillaume, jerrome, jerome, shalom;

What are the translations for dome?

Bengali word for Dome


Chinese words for Dome

穹丘, 球顶, 圆拱.

Dutch words for Dome

koepel, gewelf, koepeldak.

French words for Dome

dôme, coupole, cloche.

German words for Dome

Kuppe, Kuppel, Dom, Dampfdom, Kuppelgewölbe.

Italian words for Dome

cupola, calotta, duomo.

Japanese word for Dome


Korean word for Dome


Malay word for Dome


Spanish words for Dome

cúpula, domo, cimborrio, cimborio, bóveda de media naranja, bóveda semiesférica, redoma.

Swedish word for Dome


Tamil word for Dome


Turkish word for Dome


Vietnamese word for Dome

mái vòm.