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How To Spell doe?

Correct spelling: doe

Definition of doe:

  1. mature female of mammals of which the male is called `buck'

List of misspellings for doe:

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What does the abbreviation doe mean?


gift of God
Doe as a girl's name is a variant of Dorothy (Greek), and the meaning of Doe is "gift of God".

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Antoinette K-Doe


Antoinette K-Doe was the spouse of R&B singer Ernie K-Doe. She was also owner of the Mother-in-Law Lounge in New Orleans, a pub and shrine to her late husband.

Doe Bay, Washington


Village in Washington

Doe Bay, Washington is a small unincorporated community in San Juan County, Washington, United States. Doe Bay sits on the south-eastern shore of Orcas Island and is home to Doe Bay Resort and Retreat.

Doe Valley, Kentucky


Doe Valley is an unincorporated community and census-designated place in Meade County, Kentucky, United States. Its population was 1,931 as of the 2010 census.

Jill Sobule


American singer-songwriter

Jill Sobule is an American singer-songwriter best known for the 1995 single "I Kissed a Girl", and "Supermodel" from the soundtrack of the 1995 film Clueless.

Meet Jane Doe


Dollhouse episode

"Meet Jane Doe" is the seventh episode of the second season of the American science fiction television series Dollhouse and the show's 20th episode overall.

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This graph shows how "doe" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Rhymes for doe:

  1. mo, blow, roh, eau, tyo, sgro, margaux, bo, o', low, nau, tarot, oh, woe, plough, sow, perot, hello, ngo, hoh, cloe, show, forgo, truffaut, ko, dau, strow, kowtow, roe, lowe, yau, tow, coe, forego, beau, munro, joe, loh, bowe, escoe, row, rouleau, yoh, poh, loew, chateaux, defoe, crow, wo, devaux, joh, sew, papo, bio, tho, boe, mow, beaux, floe, stow, loewe, foe, bro, thoreau, uno, go, bestow, tso, aux, giraud, outgrow, so, tallyho, gro, tableau, au, plateau, ro, fro, turbot, noh, gau, cro, lo, slow, vo, monroe, noe, mau, nouveau, know, chateau, bordeaux, cabo, dough, moe, inco, though, yoe, koh, cousteau, whoa, trow, owe, thibault, gloe, bow, flow, stowe, undergo, flo, chau, gogh, tableaux, peugeot, sloe, ow, kayo, marceau, glow, ho, grow, below, glo, toe, goe, goh, kyo, hoe, rowe, poe, yo, renaud, throw, quo, snow, rondeau, cho, rho, zoh, co, doh, pro, escrow, luo, so-so, jo, rideau, loe;
  2. miro, pernod, renault, ago, aglow, although, arnaud, arnault;
  3. imo, eeo, ivo, overflow, taekwondo, apropos;
  4. celo;

Translations for doe:

Afrikaans word for Doe


Arabic word for Doe


Bengali word for Doe


Chinese word for Doe


French words for Doe

biche, lapine.

German words for Doe

Hirschkuh, Häsin, Ricke, Rehgeiß.

Greek word for Doe


Hindi word for Doe


Italian word for Doe


Japanese word for Doe


Korean word for Doe


Marathi word for Doe


Polish word for Doe


Portuguese word for Doe


Romanian word for Doe


Spanish words for Doe

gama, coneja, cierva, doe.

Tamil word for Doe


Turkish word for Doe

dişi geyik.

Ukrainian word for Doe


Vietnamese word for Doe

thỏ cái.