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How To Spell Does?

Correct spelling: Does

Definition of Does:

  1. Third per. sing. pres. ind. of do.

List of misspellings for Does:

  • diease,
  • joes,
  • doasn,
  • dows,
  • dones,
  • diese,
  • dottes,
  • toius,
  • douts,
  • dommes,
  • odoes,
  • desigh,
  • sdose,
  • doyu,
  • dogers,
  • dease,
  • doesn,
  • doosr,
  • dors,
  • doobs's,
  • diseae,
  • doen,
  • 3days,
  • boes,
  • desey,
  • noets,
  • deasr,
  • doas,
  • doobee,
  • videoes,
  • deos,
  • idaes,
  • dsoes,
  • deoes,
  • doea,
  • kudoes,
  • doeas,
  • doesen,
  • dops,
  • duece,
  • dolers,
  • doirs,
  • dsease,
  • deise,
  • deomes,
  • widoes,
  • doesage,
  • dougs,
  • 5dayes,
  • doese,
  • dowes,
  • doase,
  • 60days,
  • diesl,
  • doms,
  • doezn,
  • dooes,
  • dacer,
  • oes,
  • dres,
  • dney,
  • dosum,
  • dosis,
  • dourse,
  • des,
  • 21days,
  • doush,
  • douxo,
  • doosey,
  • does't,
  • dayzee,
  • vidoes,
  • dorps,
  • dooors,
  • dteh,
  • doces,
  • duies,
  • dephs,
  • 2days,
  • doofus,
  • diser,
  • does,
  • dooers,
  • doogs,
  • dhose,
  • dees,
  • dosal,
  • doars,
  • dorres,
  • denoes,
  • qotes,
  • idoes,
  • doores,
  • doesn'e,
  • desir,
  • diesal,
  • dorves,
  • dores,
  • 15days,
  • doree.

What does the abbreviation Does mean?

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Rhymes for Does:

  1. was, twas, luz, fuzz, buzz;
  2. abuzz, because;

Translations for Does:

Afrikaans word for Does


Danish word for Does


French word for Does


German words for Does

Kahlwild, nie, tut.

Greek word for Does


Hindi word for Does

करता है.

Malay word for Does


Marathi word for Does


Norwegian word for Does


Romanian word for Does


Russian word for Does


Spanish words for Does

T, faz, ciervas, hace, gamas.

Swedish word for Does


Tamil word for Does


Turkish word for Does


Ukrainian word for Does