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Correct spelling: days


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This graph shows how "days" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for days:

  1. In two days an answer might be left at Mr. Russell's house. "The Crisis, Volume 6" , Winston Churchill.
  2. I may need him again in a few days. "Ahead of the Army" , W. O. Stoddard.
  3. He will be right here in a few days. "Ahead of the Army" , W. O. Stoddard.

Quotes for days:

  1. As my men could profitably employ themselves on these streams, I moved slowly along, averaging not more than five or six miles per day and sometimes remained two days at the same encampment. - William Henry Ashley
  2. My latter schooldays and my university days were during the war, when science- physics, in particular- was a very important and glamorous subject. A lot of us felt that if we couldn't get into science, we might try engineering or medicine. - John Henry Carver
  3. I would love for film to go back to those days where you had to be able to do everything just to get by. - Taye Diggs
  4. I shall not be satisfied unless I produce something which shall for a few days supersede the last fashionable novel on the tables of young ladies. - Thomas B. Macaulay
  5. In the early days, I often felt that I was taking a math test when we were playing. It was a profound feeling of having to prove myself. - Chris Stein

Rhymes for days:

  1. ablaze, allays, amaze, appraise, arrays, ballets, belays.
  2. baize, bayes, bays, berets, betrays, blaise, blaize, blase, blayze, blaze, bouquets, braise, brays, braze, caches, cafes, chaise, claes, clays, cliches, conveys, crase, craze, dais, dase, daze, decays, defrays, delays, dismays, displays, dossiers, essays, faze, filets, frase, frays, gase, gays, gaze, glaze, grays, graze, hase, hayes, hays, haze, iras, jays, kase, kays, lais, lase, lays, leis, lyonnaise, maes, mais, maize, malaise, malays, mase, mayes, mays, maze, nase, nays, obeys, oles, pais, pays, phase, phrase, plays, polonaise, portrays, praise, prays, preys, raise, rase, rays, raze, reappraise, repays, rephrase, replays, res, sais, shays, slays, sprays, stays, strays, surveys, sways, today's, todays, trays, valets, wais, ways, weighs.
  3. cabernets, chevrolets, dismutase, lyonnais.
  4. urokinase.

Idioms for days:

  1. in all my ( born) days
  2. one of those days
  3. sb's/ sth's days are numbered
  4. it's early days ( yet)
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