How To Spell cover?

Correct spelling: cover

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What does the abbreviation cover mean?

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This graph shows how "cover" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the rhymes for cover?

  1. hover, glover, shover, lover;
  2. discover, uncover, recover;
  3. undercover, rediscover;

What are the translations for cover?

Arabic word for Cover


Bengali word for Cover


Chinese word for Cover


Dutch words for Cover

omvatten, hoes, schuilplaats, klep, omslag, kaft, dekken, beslaan, bedekken, over verslag uitbrengen, afleggen, verslaan, invaller, dekmantel, afdekking, verzekeren, deksel, dekking, bekleding, overtrek, bestrijken.

French words for Cover

traiter, parcourir, inclure, garantir, assumer, compenser, reprise, englober, couvrir, recouvrir, couvercle, couverture, housse, satisfaire, combler, protéger, financer, payer, recouvrement, abri, capot.

German words for Cover

beziehen, erfassen, versichern, umfassen, auslegen, Bezug, belegen, Abdeckung, Cover, Decke, Deckung, Hülle, Überzug, Titelseite, decken, abdecken, bedecken, zurücklegen, behandeln, verdecken, Deckung geben, Titel, Blende, verkleiden, Deckel, Versicherungsschutz, Umschlag, Schutz, Plane, Titelbild, Haube, Versicherung, Einband, Versicherungsdeckung, Klappe, Ummantelung, Coverversion, Mantel, Umhüllung, Schutzhaube, Deckschicht, Kappe, Bedeckung, Schutzumschlag, Tarnung, Gedeck, Verschlussdeckel, Bespannung, Zeitungsmantel, Zudecke, Kuvert, Eingussformhälfte, Glocke, zudecken, überziehen, überdecken, bespannen, umhüllen, verhüllen, ummanteln, einwickeln, einschlagen, einhüllen, Kap, Cache, Velo.

Greek word for Cover


Hindi word for Cover


Italian words for Cover

copertura, rivestimento, coperta, coperchio, copertina, coperchietto.

Japanese words for Cover

覆う, ふた, 上覆, 埋める, おおい, 覆い隠す, かける, ヒタかくす, 被い, 鎧う, 上包み, おおいかぶさる, おいかぶさる, しょうこきん, 蓋う, ひた隠す, うめる, 掩蔽, せきいた, 直隠す, 隠れみの, しゃへいぶつ, ひたかくす, 掩い, ふさげる, 覆い被さる, うわづつみ, 押っ被さる, 被う, 亙る, 覆いかくす, 押っ被せる, 蔽う, 掛かる, 堰板, 渉る, 隠れ蓑, 被さる, ヒタ隠す.

Javanese word for Cover


Korean word for Cover


Malay words for Cover

Kapak, Penutup.

Marathi word for Cover


Norwegian word for Cover


Polish words for Cover

pokrycie, pokryć, pokrywać.

Portuguese words for Cover

satisfazer, cobrir, abranger, tampa, revestimento, envelope, refúgio, percorrer, escamotear.

Romanian word for Cover


Russian words for Cover

охватывать, накрывать, прикрывать, покров, крышка, обложка, чехол, переплёт, накладка, прикрытие, покрывало.

Spanish words for Cover

abordar, pantalla, tratar, satisfacer, discutir, sufragar, cubrir, abarcar, tapar, incluir, recorrer, ocultar, revestir, tapa, portada, cubierta, funda, cobertura, tapadera, abrigar, financiar, capa, recubrir, envoltura, garantía, abrigo, forro, pretexto, escondite.

Swedish word for Cover


Tamil word for Cover


Ukrainian word for Cover


Vietnamese word for Cover

màn che.