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Correct spelling: hold


Definition of hold:

  1. A grasp with the hand or arms; grasp or gripe; something for support; power of keeping; a place of confinement; custody; a fortified place; the whole interior cavity of a ship, between the floor and the lower deck; a mark directing the performer to rest on the note over which it is placed.
  2. To retain with a grasp; to keep in a certain way; to consider or judge; to contain; to retain; to keep from running or flowing out; to maintain; to possess; to keep; to entertain; to restrain; to keep fast; to continue; to celebrate. To hold forth, to offer; to exhibit. To hold in, to restrain. To hold off, to keep at a distance. To hold on, to continue in. To hold out, to stretch forth. To hold over, to remain in after one's term has expired. To hold up, to raise; to sustain. To hold one's own, to keep good one's present condition.
  3. To remain fixed; to be true or not fail; to stand; to continue unbroken or unsubdued; to last; to endure; to continue; to adhere. To hold forth, to speak in public; to harangue; to proclaim. To hold in, to restrain one's self. To hold off, to keep at a distance. To hold of, to derive title from. To hold on, to continue; to cling to. To hold out, to last; not to surrender. To hold to, to cling or cleave to. To hold under, or from, to have title from. To hold with, to adhere to; to side with. To hold together, to be joined. To hold up, to support one's self; to cease; to continue the same speed. To hold a wager, to stake a wager. Hold, used imperatively, signifies stop, forbear, be still.

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Examples of usage for hold:

  1. We can hold this thing on with our feet.
  2. If I had had more than a hold- all I should not have been able to get into it.
  3. I'll try to hold them back a moment!

Quotes for hold:

  1. Unfortunately, in today's world we have to be reminded that the power of an oath derives from the fact that in it we ask God to bear witness to the promises we make with the implicit expectation that He will hold us accountable for the manner in which we honor them. - James L. Buckley
  2. Nobody has ever measured, not even poets, how much the heart can hold. - Zelda Fitzgerald
  3. Even though people may be well known, they hold in their hearts the emotions of a simple person for the moments that are the most important of those we know on earth: birth, marriage and death. - Jackie Kennedy
  4. At a moment that comes rarely in the life of a country. It is a time when destiny is ours to hold. - Paul Martin
  5. To hold a pen is to be at war. - Voltaire

Rhymes for hold:

  1. ahold, behold, cajoled, consoled, controlled, enfold, enrolled, extolled, foretold, outsold, paroled, patrolled, remold, resold, twofold, unfold, unsold, untold, uphold, withhold.
  2. bold, bowled, cold, dold, doled, fold, gold, golde, holde, holed, mold, mould, nold, nolde, old, olde, poled, polled, roald, rolled, scold, sold, strolled, told, tolled, vold, wold.
  3. decontrolled, oversold, uncontrolled, undersold.

Idioms for hold:

  1. hold one's end of the bargain up
  2. hold own
  3. hold out
  4. hold sth against sm or sth
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