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How To Spell hold?

Correct spelling: hold

List of misspellings for hold:

  • hearold,
  • told,
  • hoppd,
  • houla,
  • hola,
  • haliday,
  • ouwld,
  • shoold,
  • cheld,
  • hotle,
  • dould,
  • swhould,
  • holl,
  • haldf,
  • choloid,
  • whould,
  • hald,
  • holladay,
  • cold,
  • hourd,
  • holday,
  • theshhold,
  • hollad,
  • holla,
  • hlday,
  • qorld,
  • hokiday,
  • hloiday,
  • youl'd,
  • pold,
  • shoulda,
  • hdwd,
  • toald,
  • shuld,
  • holaday,
  • holidya,
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  • shhould,
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  • hhold,
  • hoddie,
  • holow,
  • heald.

What does the abbreviation hold mean?

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Don't Hold Back

Hold Heart

Hold My Beer



Security company

Nokas AS is a Norwegian security company established in 1987 as Vakt Service AS. The company is headquartered in Tonsberg. The largest shareholders is Orkla ASA and Wang Invest AS who are owned by Heine Wang, who is the company's CEO.

Richter Alexander Hold

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Quotes for hold:

  1. Unfortunately, in today's world we have to be reminded that the power of an oath derives from the fact that in it we ask God to bear witness to the promises we make with the implicit expectation that He will hold us accountable for the manner in which we honor them.
  2. Nobody has ever measured, not even poets, how much the heart can hold.
  3. Even though people may be well known, they hold in their hearts the emotions of a simple person for the moments that are the most important of those we know on earth: birth, marriage and death.
  4. At a moment that comes rarely in the life of a country. It is a time when destiny is ours to hold.
  5. To hold a pen is to be at war.

Rhymes for hold:

  1. rolled, old, tolled, holed, poled, gold, polled, dold, cold, scold, sold, nold, bold, mold, mould, told, vold, holde, wold, doled, bowled, roald, nolde, fold, strolled, olde, golde;
  2. remold, twofold, outsold, enfold, foretold, unfold, paroled, withhold, uphold, enrolled, consoled, behold, untold, unsold, resold, controlled, cajoled, patrolled, ahold, extolled;
  3. undersold, oversold, decontrolled, uncontrolled;

Translations for hold:

Afrikaans word for Hold


Arabic word for Hold

يـُمْسِكُ ب.

Bengali word for Hold


Chinese word for Hold


Dutch words for Hold

hebben, bewaren, greep, bevatten, houden, vasthouden, bekleden, bezitten, fixatie.

French words for Hold

soutenir, supporter, assumer, avoir, tenir, maintenir, appliquer, conter, contenir, organiser, détenir, posséder, attendre, retenir, réserver, serrer dans ses bras, rester en ligne, cale, emprise, conserver, garder, retenue, stopper, soute, être propriétaire de.

German words for Hold

halten, Halt, tragen, gelten, warten, behalten, verwalten, beibehalten, festhalten, enthalten, meinen, Griff, abhalten, fassen, veranstalten, bergen, austragen, innehaben, Fixer, besitzen, Laderaum, dehnen, Prise, bereithalten, innehalten, Frachtraum, Schiffsraum, Porter.

Greek word for Hold


Italian words for Hold

contenere, tenuta, tenere, stretta, fissare, stiva, detenere, impugnare, indire, mantenere.

Japanese words for Hold

ホールド, 含む, 持ち, 貨物室, 撮む, かもつしつ, 銜む, 捉む, 抱きかかえる, しむ, 把む, 抓む, 抱き抱える, 持する, ホルド, くくむ, つまむ, だきかかえる, 這入る, オルド, 摘む, 引っ懸り, 手に持つ.

Javanese word for Hold


Korean word for Hold

...을 잡고 있다.

Malay word for Hold


Marathi word for Hold

धरून ठेवा.

Norwegian word for Hold


Polish words for Hold

utrzymywać się w, wstrzymywać, trzymać się kupy, odbywać, przetrzymywać, być w posiadaniu, przetrzymać, być w mocy, wytrzymywać, wytrzymać, odbyć, być przekonujący, mieścić, nie rozłączać się.

Portuguese words for Hold

continuar, manter, segurar, ter, abraçar, deter, suportar, possuir, domínio, travar, fixar, ruim, reter, âmbar.

Romanian word for Hold

a ține.

Spanish words for Hold

ocupar, influencia, mantener, tener, retener, celebrar, sujetar, sostener, albergar, reservar, asimiento, sujeción, marcar, realizar, organizar, soportar, aguantar, guardar, esperar, pegar, abrazar, coger, defender, almacenar, conservar, poseer, contener, agarrar, agarre, pausa, celebrarse, ejercer, sustentar, efectuar, presidir, presa, espera, bodega, ostentar.

Tamil word for Hold


Ukrainian word for Hold