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How To Spell domination?

Correct spelling: domination

Definition of domination:

  1. power to dominate or defeat; "mastery of the seas"

List of misspellings for domination:

  • dementional,
  • denomonation,
  • nomonation,
  • descimination,
  • donoation,
  • dimenision,
  • domenation,
  • edomaniacial,
  • demantion,
  • dimantioal,
  • comanation,
  • domestioc,
  • defination,
  • domenating,
  • devination,
  • diffanition,
  • demoniation,
  • demoninations,
  • discirmination,
  • docuemnation,
  • nomimation,
  • comminision,
  • demension,
  • demonatior,
  • definiation,
  • eamination,
  • sumnation,
  • codemnation,
  • documination,
  • definotion,
  • desemination,
  • deminion,
  • deminsional,
  • disemenation,
  • domonating,
  • dertimination,
  • documention,
  • imaingation,
  • demintional,
  • detemanation,
  • dementiona,
  • damnnation,
  • decemination,
  • dimnsion,
  • badmintion,
  • domonations,
  • termiantion,
  • difination,
  • terimination,
  • tomaintain,
  • termintion,
  • dominiation,
  • abominasion,
  • dimaination,
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  • dermination,
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  • feminisation,
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  • domanating,
  • automantion,
  • documenation,
  • dimention,
  • diminshing,
  • domincian,
  • imination.

Related words for domination

Bam's World Domination


Television show

Bam's World Domination is a half-hour television show on Spike TV starring Bam Margera and Ryan Dunn. The special is a follow-up to the shows Viva La Bam, and Bam's Unholy Union. It premiered on October 13, 2010.

Downhill Domination


Video game

Downhill Domination is a sports racing video game. The game was released for the PlayStation 2. Downhill Domination includes a very different style of gameplay that differs from standard bike racing games by having the character riding downhill almost exclusively, due to the incline of the tracks.

Global Domination


Video game

Global Domination is a 1993 strategy game modeled closely on the board game Risk. Impressions Games expanded on the game dividing the world into more territories, adding unit types which could be controlled in a mini-game, adding the concept of unit obsolescence, valuing regions higher or lower than others, and adding the ability to fund intelligence operations.

World Domination Enterprises


Rock band

World Domination Enterprises were an English indie rock band active in the 1980s. The band mixed elements of indie rock, post-hardcore, and dub. World Domination Enterprises' sound was defined by their atonal guitar.

World Domination Recordings


Record label

World Domination Recordings was an indie rock record label founded by bass player and music entrepreneur Dave Allen in Los Angeles.

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Rhymes for domination:

  1. detonation, revitalization, overpopulation, edification, cohabitation, elevation, equivocation, conciliation, organization, combination, amelioration, subordination, reformation, configuration, incapacitation, confrontation, elaboration, discoloration, imputation, criminalization, misinformation, imitation, premeditation, ordination, inactivation, cremation, authentication, cultivation, fluoridation, calibration, facilitation, exploitation, proclamation, destabilization, condemnation, coagulation, assassination, determination, extermination, investigation, germination, magnification, arbitration, ventilation, punctuation, deification, nonproliferation, convocation, reservation, continuation, adulation, sanitation, affrication, creation, desalination, appalachian, duplication, escalation, mechanization, affiliation, concentration, stalinization, designation, depravation, reaffiliation, compilation, rehydration, exaggeration, association, reexamination, exacerbation, reconfirmation, emancipation, aspiration, denomination, origination, elation, avocation, condensation, distillation, fibrillation, localization, resuscitation, dalmatian, dilatation, lactation, saponification, detoxification, deformation, respiration, evaporation, installation, coloration, hybridization, devastation, anticipation, privation, christianization, preparation, redecoration, fermentation, renomination, ligation, inauguration, conglomeration, incrustation, correlation, incantation, modernization, incubation, recuperation, agglomeration, federation, navigation, incarnation, telecommunication, concatenation, computerization, conjugation, probation, tribulation, glaciation, argumentation, prostration, globalization, subsidization, reconciliation, titillation, limitation, desperation, altercation, speculation, appropriation, intimidation, hydrogenation, legislation, stagnation, representation, indoctrination, implication, disinformation, cooperation, inundation, liberalization, centralization, expatriation, exhortation, justification, evacuation, fabrication, agitation, destination, dedication, palpitation, malformation, naturalization, fluctuation, vibration, mediation, meditation, illumination, deprivation, improvisation, sarmatian, proliferation, emulation, congregation, demobilization, exclamation, automation, corporation, capitulation, inhalation, miscalculation, fascination, exhalation, duration, admiration, termination, expropriation, indexation, sensation, hallucination, disinclination, annotation, echolocation, misapplication, disembarkation, collectivization, demonization, machination, propagation, constellation, hyperinflation, securitization, discrimination, relation, intimation, formulation, manipulation, utilization, precipitation, inflation, instigation, negotiation, recrimination, syndication, excommunication, reiteration, excavation, motivation, equitation, allocation, pigmentation, transportation, flotation, affirmation, mutation, moderation, augmentation, assimilation, libration, deceleration, hospitalization, commemoration, protestation, dramatization, impregnation, polarization, specialization, gestation, disintegration, dissipation, modification, infiltration, civilization, pagination, electrification, socialization, notation, ratification, constipation, amplification, fragmentation, aggravation, retaliation, miseration, adjudication, observation, foliation, categorization, litigation, invalidation, explication, inhabitation, proration, implantation, nitration, confederation, education, verification, stabilization, predestination, documentation, misinterpretation, medication, dissertation, nomination, mutilation, equalization, prefabrication, strangulation, disputation, revocation, vocation, reconfiguration, marginalization, misrepresentation, crustacean, suburbanization, temptation, application, initiation, quantification, reevaluation, ovulation, croatian, pressurization, intoxication, foundation, ornamentation, relaxation, neutralization, suffocation, rationalization, codification, transillumination, conservation, backwardation, sedation, perforation, oxidation, repatriation, negation, recertification, demonstration, excitation, ramification, starvation, reflation, corroboration, formation, inclination, incoordination, coronation, amortization, organisation, registration, impersonation, adoration, sedimentation, miscommunication, molestation, masturbation, culmination, depreciation, contamination, recantation, reconsideration, rectification, immigration, procreation, deliberation, rumination, deflation, legalization, embarkation, irritation, approbation, degradation, standardization, jubilation, emigration, communization, miniaturization, complication, renegotiation, colonization, dilation, rehabilitation, experimentation, discontinuation, salvation, desolation, amputation, devaluation, gradation, connotation, consummation, insemination, approximation, depopulation, optation, regeneration, reclassification, stimulation, rededication, defamation, nationalization, renovation, importation, vilification, reverberation, reauthorization, desegregation, revelation, declaration, domestication, maturation, maximization, generation, notification, coordination, confirmation, indemnification, summation, sequestration, perspiration, hydration, invocation, annexation, realization, pronunciation, illustration, remuneration, ostentation, stagflation, calculation, balkanization, mitigation, dislocation, granulation, depredation, animation, advocation, recommendation, perpetuation, deforestation, innovation, desiccation, oration, plantation, publication, aviation, infestation, democratization, pontification, specification, reunification, quotation, indication, russification, divination, undervaluation, tabulation, evaluation, nucleation, consultation, fixation, sterilization, vulgarization, replication, oscillation, exhilaration, inspiration, appellation, laceration, cogitation, affectation, diversification, demoralization, occupation, monopolization, provocation, privatization, politicization, corp, insinuation, eradication, disorientation, magnetization, stipulation, figuration, misappropriation, decontamination, exfoliation, orientation, indentation, intensification, isolation, conflagration, incorporation, clarification, emanation, collaboration, taxation, victimization, identification, reputation, interpretation, graduation, obfuscation, segregation, examination, preoccupation, levitation, renunciation, rotation, relocation, resignation, habitation, profanation, purification, transformation, westernization, humiliation, saturation, overvaluation, classification, commendation, generalization, confabulation, incrimination, ejaculation, vindication, evocation, retardation, decapitation, visualization, frustration, privatisation, alteration, nullification, authorization, consolidation, dictation, ossification, congratulation, recalculation, preservation, subluxation, gratification, expectation, allegation, nondiscrimination, incarceration, vaccination, pasteurization, separation, delegation, ionization, orchestration, inoculation, valuation, articulation, computation, liberation, qualification, reclamation, irrigation, exhumation, remediation, violation, delineation, self-congratulation, denationalization, reallocation, substantiation, harmonization, deportation, population, toleration, permutation, consolation, alleviation, infatuation, misidentification, trepidation, modulation, hibernation, pacification, narration, triangulation, deregulation, celebration, imagination, fumigation, vacation, adaptation, gastrulation, demarcation, decertification, unionization, accumulation, extrapolation, reinterpretation, procrastination, decentralization, vaporization, miscreation, deviation, degeneration, desecration, perturbation, sophistication, prognostication, confiscation, reincarnation, glorification, operation, vacillation, cancellation, donation, vegetation, refutation, popularization, amalgamation, refrigeration, denunciation, reaffirmation, solicitation, validation, sanctification, desalinization, visitation, expiration, usurpation, instrumentation, optimization, compensation, personalization, gentrification, annihilation, dehumanization, segmentation, estimation, simulation, presentation, contemplation, insubordination, indignation, reforestation, elimination, decoration, falsification, lubrication, manifestation, conversation, disqualification, rejuvenation, gravitation, consideration, liquidation, recitation, disorganization, exploration, damnation, dissemination, variation, flirtation, normalization, translation, irradiation, explanation, filtration, certification, insulation, dispensation, invitation, gyration, fertilization, multiplication, communication, fortification, consternation, characterization, menstruation, demodulation, industrialization, horatian, ministration, recreation, reorganization, dehydration, interrogation, obligation, regulation, alienation, reinvigoration, integration, exoneration, unification, radiation, appreciation, information, mobilization, repudiation, exasperation, pollination, derivation, differentiation, simplification, dissociation, consecration, personification, implementation, mineralization, commercialization, revaluation, intonation, transplantation, mummification, bifurcation, ovation, participation, restoration, gasification, urbanization, inflammation, situation, hesitation, disinflation, regimentation, immunization, reparation, migration, enumeration, elongation, location;
  2. station, ration, nation, haitian;
  3. castration, causation, alsatian, cetacean, citation, cessation, carnation;
  4. aberration, abrogation, accusation, activation, abdication, acclimation;
  5. accreditation, acceleration, abbreviation, accommodation, abomination;
  6. cannibalization, capitalization, alphabetization, acidification;
  7. antidiscrimination, demilitarization, decriminalization, americanization;
  8. internationalization, institutionalization;

Translations for domination:

Afrikaans word for Domination


Dutch words for Domination

heerschappij, overheersing, dominantie.

French word for Domination


German words for Domination

Herrschaft, Beherrschung, Vorherrschaft.

Italian word for Domination


Japanese words for Domination

さゆう, ちょうりょう, さう, ばっこ, 跳梁, 跋扈, 跳梁跋扈, ちょうりょうばっこ.

Korean word for Domination


Malay words for Domination

Dominasi, Penguasaan.

Polish word for Domination


Portuguese word for Domination


Romanian word for Domination


Russian words for Domination

господство, доминирование, порабощение, превалирование, главенство.

Swedish word for Domination


Turkish word for Domination