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How To Spell domination?

Correct spelling: domination

What are the misspellings for domination ?

  • dementional,
  • denomonation,
  • nomonation,
  • descimination,
  • donoation,
  • dimenision,
  • domenation,
  • edomaniacial,
  • demantion,
  • dimantioal,
  • comanation,
  • domestioc,
  • defination,
  • domenating,
  • devination,
  • diffanition,
  • demoniation,
  • demoninations,
  • discirmination,
  • docuemnation,
  • nomimation,
  • comminision,
  • demension,
  • demonatior,
  • definiation,
  • eamination,
  • sumnation,
  • codemnation,
  • documination,
  • definotion,
  • desemination,
  • deminion,
  • deminsional,
  • disemenation,
  • domonating,
  • dertimination,
  • documention,
  • imaingation,
  • demintional,
  • detemanation,
  • dementiona,
  • damnnation,
  • decemination,
  • dimnsion,
  • badmintion,
  • domonations,
  • termiantion,
  • difination,
  • terimination,
  • tomaintain,
  • termintion,
  • dominiation,
  • abominasion,
  • dimaination,
  • defemantion,
  • dermination,
  • defintion,
  • nonimation,
  • diamention,
  • termantion,
  • documenttion,
  • nomnation,
  • domestion,
  • termnation,
  • discemination,
  • daminsion,
  • terminiation,
  • domiinating,
  • omination,
  • termoination,
  • dontion,
  • discimmination,
  • domanation,
  • deginition,
  • dymention,
  • dfinition,
  • deminsion,
  • doantion,
  • admination,
  • feminisation,
  • dominician,
  • dessimination,
  • dimantion,
  • dimansion,
  • detmination,
  • domonion,
  • dimintional,
  • temination,
  • deffination,
  • diminsion,
  • dominatiing,
  • donination,
  • tomention,
  • domanating,
  • automantion,
  • documenation,
  • dimention,
  • diminshing,
  • domincian,
  • imination.

What is the definition of domination?

  1. power to dominate or defeat; "mastery of the seas"

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What are the quotes for domination?

  1. Domination delegates the physical violence on which it rests to the dominated.
  2. The web of domination has become the web of Reason itself, and this society is fatally entangled in it.
  3. The people of Nicaragua were suffering oppression. This made us develop an awareness which eventually led us to commit ourselves to the struggle against the domination of the capitalists of our country in collusion with the U. S. government, i. e. imperialism.
  4. But I can tell you what your folly and injustice will compel us to do. It will compel us to be free from your domination, and more self -reliant than we have been.
  5. Anyone who knows history, particularly the history of Europe, will, I think, recognize that the domination of education or of government by any one particular religious faith is never a happy arrangement for the people.

What are the rhymes for domination?

  1. detonation, revitalization, overpopulation, edification, cohabitation, elevation, equivocation, conciliation, organization, combination, amelioration, subordination, reformation, configuration, incapacitation, confrontation, elaboration, discoloration, imputation, criminalization, misinformation, imitation, premeditation, ordination, inactivation, cremation, authentication, cultivation, fluoridation, calibration, facilitation, exploitation, proclamation, destabilization, condemnation, coagulation, assassination, determination, extermination, investigation, germination, magnification, arbitration, ventilation, punctuation, deification, nonproliferation, convocation, reservation, continuation, adulation, sanitation, affrication, creation, desalination, appalachian, duplication, escalation, mechanization, affiliation, concentration, stalinization, designation, depravation, reaffiliation, compilation, rehydration, exaggeration, association, reexamination, exacerbation, reconfirmation, emancipation, aspiration, denomination, origination, elation, avocation, condensation, distillation, fibrillation, localization, resuscitation, dalmatian, dilatation, lactation, saponification, detoxification, deformation, respiration, evaporation, installation, coloration, hybridization, devastation, anticipation, privation, christianization, preparation, redecoration, fermentation, renomination, ligation, inauguration, conglomeration, incrustation, correlation, incantation, modernization, incubation, recuperation, agglomeration, federation, navigation, incarnation, telecommunication, concatenation, computerization, conjugation, probation, tribulation, glaciation, argumentation, prostration, globalization, subsidization, reconciliation, titillation, limitation, desperation, altercation, speculation, appropriation, intimidation, hydrogenation, legislation, stagnation, representation, indoctrination, implication, disinformation, cooperation, inundation, liberalization, centralization, expatriation, exhortation, justification, evacuation, fabrication, agitation, destination, dedication, palpitation, malformation, naturalization, fluctuation, vibration, mediation, meditation, illumination, deprivation, improvisation, sarmatian, proliferation, emulation, congregation, demobilization, exclamation, automation, corporation, capitulation, inhalation, miscalculation, fascination, exhalation, duration, admiration, termination, expropriation, indexation, sensation, hallucination, disinclination, annotation, echolocation, misapplication, disembarkation, collectivization, demonization, machination, propagation, constellation, hyperinflation, securitization, discrimination, relation, intimation, formulation, manipulation, utilization, precipitation, inflation, instigation, negotiation, recrimination, syndication, excommunication, reiteration, excavation, motivation, equitation, allocation, pigmentation, transportation, flotation, affirmation, mutation, moderation, augmentation, assimilation, libration, deceleration, hospitalization, commemoration, protestation, dramatization, impregnation, polarization, specialization, gestation, disintegration, dissipation, modification, infiltration, civilization, pagination, electrification, socialization, notation, ratification, constipation, amplification, fragmentation, aggravation, retaliation, miseration, adjudication, observation, foliation, categorization, litigation, invalidation, explication, inhabitation, proration, implantation, nitration, confederation, education, verification, stabilization, predestination, documentation, misinterpretation, medication, dissertation, nomination, mutilation, equalization, prefabrication, strangulation, disputation, revocation, vocation, reconfiguration, marginalization, misrepresentation, crustacean, suburbanization, temptation, application, initiation, quantification, reevaluation, ovulation, croatian, pressurization, intoxication, foundation, ornamentation, relaxation, neutralization, suffocation, rationalization, codification, transillumination, conservation, backwardation, sedation, perforation, oxidation, repatriation, negation, recertification, demonstration, excitation, ramification, starvation, reflation, corroboration, formation, inclination, incoordination, coronation, amortization, organisation, registration, impersonation, adoration, sedimentation, miscommunication, molestation, masturbation, culmination, depreciation, contamination, recantation, reconsideration, rectification, immigration, procreation, deliberation, rumination, deflation, legalization, embarkation, irritation, approbation, degradation, standardization, jubilation, emigration, communization, miniaturization, complication, renegotiation, colonization, dilation, rehabilitation, experimentation, discontinuation, salvation, desolation, amputation, devaluation, gradation, connotation, consummation, insemination, approximation, depopulation, optation, regeneration, reclassification, stimulation, rededication, defamation, nationalization, renovation, importation, vilification, reverberation, reauthorization, desegregation, revelation, declaration, domestication, maturation, maximization, generation, notification, coordination, confirmation, indemnification, summation, sequestration, perspiration, hydration, invocation, annexation, realization, pronunciation, illustration, remuneration, ostentation, stagflation, calculation, balkanization, mitigation, dislocation, granulation, depredation, animation, advocation, recommendation, perpetuation, deforestation, innovation, desiccation, oration, plantation, publication, aviation, infestation, democratization, pontification, specification, reunification, quotation, indication, russification, divination, undervaluation, tabulation, evaluation, nucleation, consultation, fixation, sterilization, vulgarization, replication, oscillation, exhilaration, inspiration, appellation, laceration, cogitation, affectation, diversification, demoralization, occupation, monopolization, provocation, privatization, politicization, corp, insinuation, eradication, disorientation, magnetization, stipulation, figuration, misappropriation, decontamination, exfoliation, orientation, indentation, intensification, isolation, conflagration, incorporation, clarification, emanation, collaboration, taxation, victimization, identification, reputation, interpretation, graduation, obfuscation, segregation, examination, preoccupation, levitation, renunciation, rotation, relocation, resignation, habitation, profanation, purification, transformation, westernization, humiliation, saturation, overvaluation, classification, commendation, generalization, confabulation, incrimination, ejaculation, vindication, evocation, retardation, decapitation, visualization, frustration, privatisation, alteration, nullification, authorization, consolidation, dictation, ossification, congratulation, recalculation, preservation, subluxation, gratification, expectation, allegation, nondiscrimination, incarceration, vaccination, pasteurization, separation, delegation, ionization, orchestration, inoculation, valuation, articulation, computation, liberation, qualification, reclamation, irrigation, exhumation, remediation, violation, delineation, self-congratulation, denationalization, reallocation, substantiation, harmonization, deportation, population, toleration, permutation, consolation, alleviation, infatuation, misidentification, trepidation, modulation, hibernation, pacification, narration, triangulation, deregulation, celebration, imagination, fumigation, vacation, adaptation, gastrulation, demarcation, decertification, unionization, accumulation, extrapolation, reinterpretation, procrastination, decentralization, vaporization, miscreation, deviation, degeneration, desecration, perturbation, sophistication, prognostication, confiscation, reincarnation, glorification, operation, vacillation, cancellation, donation, vegetation, refutation, popularization, amalgamation, refrigeration, denunciation, reaffirmation, solicitation, validation, sanctification, desalinization, visitation, expiration, usurpation, instrumentation, optimization, compensation, personalization, gentrification, annihilation, dehumanization, segmentation, estimation, simulation, presentation, contemplation, insubordination, indignation, reforestation, elimination, decoration, falsification, lubrication, manifestation, conversation, disqualification, rejuvenation, gravitation, consideration, liquidation, recitation, disorganization, exploration, damnation, dissemination, variation, flirtation, normalization, translation, irradiation, explanation, filtration, certification, insulation, dispensation, invitation, gyration, fertilization, multiplication, communication, fortification, consternation, characterization, menstruation, demodulation, industrialization, horatian, ministration, recreation, reorganization, dehydration, interrogation, obligation, regulation, alienation, reinvigoration, integration, exoneration, unification, radiation, appreciation, information, mobilization, repudiation, exasperation, pollination, derivation, differentiation, simplification, dissociation, consecration, personification, implementation, mineralization, commercialization, revaluation, intonation, transplantation, mummification, bifurcation, ovation, participation, restoration, gasification, urbanization, inflammation, situation, hesitation, disinflation, regimentation, immunization, reparation, migration, enumeration, elongation, location;
  2. station, ration, nation, haitian;
  3. castration, causation, alsatian, cetacean, citation, cessation, carnation;
  4. aberration, abrogation, accusation, activation, abdication, acclimation;
  5. accreditation, acceleration, abbreviation, accommodation, abomination;
  6. cannibalization, capitalization, alphabetization, acidification;
  7. antidiscrimination, demilitarization, decriminalization, americanization;
  8. internationalization, institutionalization;

What are the translations for domination?

Afrikaans word for Domination


Dutch words for Domination

heerschappij, overheersing, dominantie.

French word for Domination


German words for Domination

Herrschaft, Beherrschung, Vorherrschaft.

Italian word for Domination


Japanese words for Domination

さゆう, ちょうりょう, さう, ばっこ, 跳梁, 跋扈, 跳梁跋扈, ちょうりょうばっこ.

Korean word for Domination


Malay words for Domination

Dominasi, Penguasaan.

Polish word for Domination


Portuguese word for Domination


Romanian word for Domination


Russian words for Domination

господство, доминирование, порабощение, превалирование, главенство.

Swedish word for Domination


Turkish word for Domination