How To Spell bay?

Correct spelling: bay

What is the definition of bay?

  1. the bark of a dog

What does the abbreviation bay mean?


Bay as a girl's name (also used as boy's name Bay), is of Old French and Latin origin, and the meaning of Bay is "berry". Geography name: an indentation of land in a coastline. Also a plant name: the term "bay" is used for several different kinds of trees, including the bay laurel, whose leaves are used as a herb and flavouring agent, and were also twined into wreaths by the Greeks, to crown victors. See also Laurel, Juniper, and Cinnamon.

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What are the rhymes for bay?

  1. wy, fe, se, fey, bey, paye, ley, slay, weigh, may, de, gray, day, bray, dae, gway, dray, graye, play, quai, trey, raye, jaye, grey, yay, ne, hey, lay, mei, flay, nay, k, maye, wei, lei, rey, shea, pei, way, ney, jay, tray, nej, wey, ca, clay, saye, brey, stray, fay, jae, they, stay, mey, prey, sta, rae, mae, shay, ae, khe, che, waye, tae, cray, wray, klay, lait, spray, hwe, sleigh, gaye, re, cay, sze, faye, say, fray, neigh, ray, daye, quay, sway, haye, frey, kay, blay, j, brae, tay, drey, dey, pray, yea, hay, kaye, vey, ay, whey, pay;
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What are the translations for bay?

Afrikaans word for Bay


Arabic word for Bay


Bengali word for Bay


Chinese word for Bay


Dutch words for Bay

afdeling, nis, baai, voskleurig, zeearm.

French words for Bay

parking, laurier, soute, golfe.

German words for Bay

Gestell, anschlagen, Segment, Einschnitt, Schacht, Bucht, Einbuchtung, Meeresbucht, Lorbeer, bellen, rotbraun, kastanienbraun, Joch, Heulen, Erker, Bai, Lorbeerbaum, Deckenkassette, Abstellgleis, Meerbusen, Gebell, Jochbogen, Parkbucht, Hallenfeld, Fensternische, Golf, Quai.

Greek word for Bay


Hindi word for Bay


Italian words for Bay

campata, zaino, alloro, insenatura.

Japanese words for Bay

ベイ, 湾, 入り江, 入江, 内海, 江, 入り海, うちうみ, 入海, いりうみ, ないかい, うつみ, うちのみ, うちかい, いりえ.

Korean word for Bay


Malay word for Bay


Marathi word for Bay


Polish words for Bay

rade, zatoka.

Portuguese words for Bay

baía, cais, enseada, louro, angra, abra, calheta.

Russian words for Bay

залив, гнедой, бухточка.

Spanish words for Bay

hueco, muelle, compartimiento, bahía, laurel, puerto, cala, compartimento, enseñada, golfo, alazana, área de aparcamiento, área de estacionamiento, alazán, aullido, ventana salediza.

Swedish word for Bay


Tamil word for Bay


Turkish word for Bay


Ukrainian word for Bay


Vietnamese word for Bay