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Correct spelling: brown

Definition of brown:

  1. A dusky yellowish- red color.
  2. Of a dusky colour, inclining to red.
  3. A colour of various shades, resulting from a mixture of red, black, and yellow.
  4. To make brown. See Burn.

Common misspellings for brown:

browm, vrown, bown.

Brown \b-ro-wn\

Brown as a boy's name is of Middle English origin. Surname. The name was probably given in reference to brown hair or eyes.
baron, Brian, bryan, Bryn, byron, Bron, bren, Brenn, Biron, born, bran, Brann, bruin, brain, Brien, Brion, Bryen, Bryon.

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Examples of usage for brown:

  1. This was William Brown who will be remembered by most old Kaffrarians. – Reminiscences of a South African Pioneer by W. C. Scully
  2. Not that grave young man with the steady brown eyes? – Night and Day by Virginia Woolf
  3. But they were capable hands, brown and strong and steady as the mother hearts that went with them. – The Shepherd of the North by Richard Aumerle Maher

Quotes for brown:

  1. Clifford Brown was in the jazz circles considered to be probably the greatest trumpet player who ever lived.
  2. Just once I would like to persuade the audience not to wear any article of blue denim. If only they could see themselves in a pair of brown corduroys like mine instead of this awful, boring blue denim.
  3. You know, we- if, for example, Jerry Brown can withstand, you know, what will probably end up being $200 million of spending by his opponent and get elected governor of California, that will be a big victory in the nation's largest state.
  4. But that kind of falls in line; when you think about it, James Brown was a funk minimalist. All of those parts create a sum that's larger than than the individual parts.
  5. The attack of John Brown upon Harper's Ferry came upon Virginia like a clap of thunder out of a clear sky.

Rhymes for brown:

  1. browne, clown, crown, down, drown, frown, gown, noun, town, lown;
  2. around, renown, uptown, mcgown;