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How To Spell frown?

Correct spelling: frown

What is the definition of frown?

  1. a facial expression of dislike or displeasure

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What are the rhymes for frown?

  1. browne, clown, down, crown, gown, drown, brown, lown, town, noun;
  2. uptown, around, mcgown, renown;

What are the translations for frown?

Arabic word for Frown


Bengali word for Frown


Chinese words for Frown

皱眉, 颦眉, 顣, 做眉做眼, 蹙眉.

Dutch word for Frown


French words for Frown

froncement, froncer les sourcils, froncement de sourcil.

German words for Frown

Stirnrunzeln, die Stirn runzeln, finster dreinblicken, finsterer Blick, die Stirn in Falten legen, böse gucken.

Greek word for Frown


Hindi word for Frown


Italian word for Frown


Japanese words for Frown

眉をひそめる, しかめつら, しかめ面, くもらせる, 顰め面, まゆをひそめる, 顰, 曇らせる, 顔を顰める, 顰める, ひそみ, 眉を寄せる, まゆをくもらす, 眉を曇らす, まゆをしかめる, しかめっつら, かおをしかめる, 顰めっ面, 眉を顰める, 眉をしかめる, まゆをよせる, 蹙める.

Korean word for Frown

눈살을 찌푸리다.

Malay word for Frown


Norwegian word for Frown

rynke pannen.

Polish word for Frown

zmarszczyć brwi.

Portuguese words for Frown

tromba, cenho, carranca, cara fechada, fazer cara feia, olhar severo, cara feia, olhar reprovador, olhar de desaprovação, expressão de desagrado, expressão sisuda, olhar franzido, má cara, cara sisuda, franzir a testa, franzir o sobrolho, franzir as sobrancelhas.

Romanian word for Frown

a se încrunta.

Russian words for Frown

хмуриться, хмурый взгляд, хмурить брови.

Spanish words for Frown

ceño, entrecejo fruncido, fruncir el ceño, torcer el gesto, fruncimiento de ceño, fruncimiento de cejas, desaprobar, arrugar el entrecejo, fruncir el entrecejo, arrugar la frente.

Swedish word for Frown


Tamil word for Frown


Turkish word for Frown


Ukrainian word for Frown


Vietnamese word for Frown

nhíu mày.