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What are the rhymes for express?

  1. tress, ess, hess, guess, stress, tess, yes, press, pless, hesse, es, abs, gless, ches, bess, crests, cress, chess, s, dress, les, wes, less, esse, mess, vess, gess, ress, nes, jess, guests, ques, fess, fests, kess, bless, ness;
  2. possess, divests, distress, undress, vs, excess, assess, oppress, fluoresce, regress, largesse, noblesse, attests, invests, profess, digests, fs, success, ls, digress, finesse, depress, address, etess, unless, impress, obsess, infests, ts, compress, suppress, progress, caress, suggests, aggress, molests, repress, redress, requests, confess, contests, egress, transgress, ellesse, recess, retests, protests;
  3. reassess, lcs, cps, cus, convalesce, las, ins, dispossess, ers, uss, oas, pos, ccs, repossess, acquiesce, uys, coalesce, dss, reinvests, nonetheless;
  4. adss, hces, ws, abts, nevertheless, stds, tcas, cmos;

What are the translations for express?

Arabic word for Express

يُعَبِّرُ عَنْ.

Chinese words for Express

显出, 流露, 名状, 十万火急.

Dutch words for Express

druk, speciaal, uitdrukkelijk, expliciet, nadrukkelijk, sneltrein.

French words for Express

exposer, indiquer, communiquer, exprimer, manifester, témoigner, explicite, expliquer, exprès, traduire, expresse.

German words for Express

Formular, formulieren, bekunden, aussprechen, wiedergeben, kommunizieren, Express, äußern, ausdrücken, Schnellzug, Expresszug, Eilbote, Eilzug, Ausdruck verleihen, exprimieren, artikulieren.

Greek word for Express


Italian words for Express

esprimere, espresso, esplicito.

Japanese words for Express

エクスプレス, エキスプレス, 速達, 表する, 漏らす, 描き出す, そくたつ, ぶつける, 書き表す, 打付ける, かきあらわす, のべる, 洩らす, 描きだす, あらわす, 書き表わす, 宣べる, もらす, ひょうする, 顕す, くちにだす, 謳う, 口に出す, 表現する.

Korean word for Express


Marathi word for Express

व्यक्त करा.

Norwegian word for Express


Polish words for Express

ekspres, ekspresowy, szybki, wyrazić.

Portuguese words for Express

expressar, demonstrar, dizer, falar, expor, expresso, explícito, manifesto, direta, pronunciada, explicitar, asseverar, acelerada.

Romanian word for Express

a exprima.

Russian word for Express


Spanish words for Express

mostrar, preciso, comunicar, indicar, declarar, representar, transmitir, expresar, revelar, afirmar, declarado, manifestar, exprimir, exclusivo, veloz, pronunciar, proferir, urgente, acelerado, patente, terminante, urgentes.

Swedish word for Express


Tamil word for Express


Ukrainian word for Express