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Correct spelling: express

Definition of express:

  1. To press or squeeze out.
  2. A messenger or a conveyance sent on a special errand; the message sent; a regular conveyance, as a railway train, which goes with speed and direct.
  3. To press or squeeze out; to utter or set forth in words; to make manifest; to exhibit; to resemble; to form a likeness of; to designate; to extort; to elicit; to despatch by express.

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What does the abbreviation express mean?

EXPRESS abbreviation definitions:
–  Expedite the Process of Experiments to the Space Station Rack
–  Exchange Of Permanent Records Electronically for Students and Schools

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Quotes for express:

  1. Any poet, if he is to survive beyond his 25th year, must alter; he must seek new literary influences; he will have different emotions to express.
  2. Music is the tool to express life- and all that makes a difference.
  3. I have my ideas, I have my music and I also just enjoy showing off, so that's a big part of it. Also, I like to get up onstage and behave insanely or express myself physically, and the band can get pretty silly.
  4. I needed freedom to really express myself. That's really what Justified is about.
  5. The universal principle of etymology in all languages: words are carried over from bodies and from the properties of bodies to express the things of the mind and spirit. The order of ideas must follow the order of things.

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  2. possess, divests, distress, undress, vs, excess, assess, oppress, fluoresce, regress, largesse, noblesse, attests, invests, profess, digests, fs, success, ls, digress, finesse, depress, address, etess, unless, impress, obsess, infests, ts, compress, suppress, progress, caress, suggests, aggress, molests, repress, redress, requests, confess, contests, egress, transgress, ellesse, recess, retests, protests;
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