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How To Spell disclose?

Correct spelling: disclose

Definition of disclose:

  1. disclose to view as by removing a cover; "The curtain rose to disclose a stunning set"

List of misspellings for disclose:

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Rhymes for disclose:

  1. sews, ose, those, sows, pose, goes, throes, cose, mose, froze, clothes, lowes, foes, snows, doze, bows, woes, hoes, rose, o's, boase, jos, gose, brose, shows, close, glows, roes, boes, chose, ngos, lo's, crows, slows, grows, joes, bowes, noes, beaus, vose, lows, tows, pros, ohs, blows, throws, pows, crose, rows, hose, flows, knows, bose, nose, moes, rohs, owes, toes, prose;
  2. dispose, propose, transpose, suppose, depose, arose, impose, enclose, compose, plainclothes, stavros, forgoes, tarots, foreclose, dubose, bestows, expose, oppose, repose;
  3. predispose, presuppose, juxtapose, reimpose, interpose, decompose;
  4. superimpose, overexpose;

Translations for disclose:

Afrikaans words for Disclose

blootlê, ontdek, onthul, openbaar maak, uitbring, uitpak, verraai.

Arabic word for Disclose


Bengali word for Disclose

প্রকাশ করা.

Chinese word for Disclose


Dutch words for Disclose

ontdekken, bekendmaken, ontsluiten, openbaar, onthullen, openbaren, openleggen, blootleggen, ontsluieren, uit de doeken doen.

French word for Disclose


German words for Disclose

offenbaren, aufdecken, offenlegen, preisgeben, mitteilen, bekanntgeben, ausweisen, ans Licht bringen.

Greek word for Disclose


Hindi word for Disclose


Italian word for Disclose


Japanese words for Disclose

明らかにする, うちわる, ぶちわる, あきらかにする, 打ち割る.

Javanese word for Disclose

nyampekano informasi.

Korean word for Disclose


Malay word for Disclose


Polish words for Disclose

ujawnić, wyjawić.

Portuguese word for Disclose


Romanian word for Disclose

a divulga.

Spanish words for Disclose

presentar, informar, comunicar, difundir, divulgar, publicar, declarar, exponer, revelar, notificar, dar a conocer, hacer público.

Swedish word for Disclose


Tamil word for Disclose


Turkish word for Disclose


Ukrainian word for Disclose


Vietnamese word for Disclose

tiết lộ.