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How To Spell brief?

Correct spelling: brief

Definition of brief:

  1. (of clothing) very short; "an abbreviated swimsuit"; "a brief bikini"

List of misspellings for brief:

  • giref,
  • brefief,
  • brieflly,
  • butif,
  • bringforth,
  • briek,
  • beriefly,
  • berift,
  • breefly,
  • griefe,
  • beief,
  • bitof,
  • buriel,
  • grife,
  • beilef,
  • brlieve,
  • brifly,
  • brife,
  • breifly,
  • breive,
  • breef,
  • brefie,
  • tarife,
  • bief,
  • berie,
  • berif,
  • bayview,
  • brefly,
  • brike,
  • brulee,
  • brif,
  • breifed,
  • brinf,
  • brieifly,
  • areof,
  • brien,
  • brieface,
  • bried,
  • bilief,
  • brifes,
  • brfor,
  • brieth,
  • brifley,
  • breaif,
  • debreif,
  • riif,
  • brielfy,
  • breief,
  • verife,
  • builf,
  • abriva,
  • greif,
  • briefley,
  • bleff,
  • brovo,
  • breafe,
  • bringf,
  • breifs,
  • trife,
  • brieft,
  • biview,
  • sureif,
  • bnrief,
  • berify,
  • briedf,
  • reief,
  • brize,
  • breify,
  • brefe,
  • breff,
  • berifly,
  • beilf,
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  • briefy,
  • beif,
  • briefely,
  • abreif,
  • prief,
  • brived,
  • brieff,
  • burie,
  • briefes,
  • berief,
  • brifge,
  • bociprevir,
  • brvaer,
  • blife,
  • bariel,
  • brefore,
  • briee,
  • breif,
  • brige,
  • breifely,
  • benef,
  • belef,
  • briff,
  • vberify,
  • briefuly.

What does the abbreviation brief mean?

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A Brief History of Love is the debut album from British electronic rock duo The Big Pink. The album was released on 14 September 2009 on 4AD.

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Album by The Waifs

A Brief History... is the fifth album and first live album by Australian folk band The Waifs, first released by Jarrah in 2004.

A Brief Season


1969 film

Brief Season is a 1969 Italian drama film written and directed by Renato Castellani.

Brief Nocturnes and Dreamless Sleep


Studio album by Spock's Beard

Brief Nocturnes and Dreamless Sleep is the eleventh studio album by American progressive rock band Spock's Beard. It is their first album with new singer Ted Leonard and drummer Jimmy Keegan in place of Nick D'Virgilio, while former member Neal Morse co-wrote two tracks, including "Waiting for Me", on which he plays guitar.

Paquisha War



The Paquisha War was a brief military clash that took place between January and February 1981 between Ecuador and Peru over the control of three watchposts.

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Quotes for brief:

  1. Never be so brief as to become obscure.
  2. And suns grow meek, and the meek suns grow brief, and the year smiles as it draws near its death.
  3. There is something wrong about the man who wants help. There is somewhere a deep defect, a want, in brief, a need, a crying need, somewhere about that man.
  4. Be sincere; be brief; be seated.
  5. As a result of the asthma I was sent to school in the country, and only visited Sydney for brief, violently asthmatic sojourns on my way to a house we owned in the Blue Mountains.

Rhymes for brief:

  1. leif, seif, grief, leaf, chief, keefe, reif, rief, beef, naef, lief, sheaf, fief, neef, keeffe, reef, thief;
  2. motif, sharif, saif, relief, massif, o'keeffe, debrief, o'keefe, belief, matif;
  3. disbelief;

Translations for brief:

Arabic word for Brief


Chinese words for Brief

短, 简介, 短简, 短促, 简略, 小结, 案由, 综合报导, 简短的.

Dutch words for Brief

kort, beknopt, summier, bondig, kortstondig.

French words for Brief

informer, affaire, bref, succinct, court, sommaire, concis, laconique, donner des instructions à, confier une cause, mettre au courant, brève.

German words for Brief

einweisen, kurz, knapp, flüchtig, informieren, unterrichten, instruieren, anweisen, kurzzeitig, kurz angebunden, briefen, kurz zusammenfassen, kurz einweisen, in Kenntnis setzen, Anweisungen geben, kurz unterrichten, Dossier, rapide.

Greek word for Brief


Italian words for Brief

concisa, sommaria, succinto, succinta.

Japanese words for Brief

簡単, 手短, ブリーフ.

Javanese word for Brief


Korean word for Brief


Malay word for Brief


Polish words for Brief

krótki, zwięzły, skrótowy, lakoniczny, przelotny, niedługi.

Portuguese words for Brief

reduzido, geral, curto, sintética, sintético, pequena, rápida, sumária, rápidas.

Romanian word for Brief


Russian words for Brief

краткий, короткий, сжатый, лаконичный, информировать, сводка.

Spanish words for Brief

informar, resumido, breve, corto, pequeño, dar instrucciones, abreviada, instruir, sintético, breves, sucinto, conciso, limitados.

Tamil word for Brief


Turkish word for Brief


Ukrainian word for Brief


Vietnamese word for Brief

ngắn gọn.